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How To Make A One Hour Harvest Wreath | Fall Wreaths

How To Make A One Hour Harvest Wreath Fall Wreaths

It’s fall and you know what this season brings. . . an excuse to make fall wreaths! I always love making my own wreath to hang on my door and this tutorial is just perfect for anyone. Why? Because you’ll only need one hour to make it. So if you haven’t adorned your door with a wreath, this one-hour harvest wreath is what you need.

How To Make A One Hour Harvest Wreath | Fall Wreaths

We’re entering the season of blustering leaves, steaming cocoa, fuzzy socks and cool breezes.  Time to make a harvest Fall wreath for your welcoming front door!  If you’ve got an hour and these easy-to-find supplies, you can whip up this simple and elegant Fall wreath with ease.



Supplies | How To Make A One Hour Harvest Wreath | Fall Wreaths

  • Moss
  • Foam Wreath Ring
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Artificial Pumpkin
  • Floral Wire (not pictured)
  • All of these items can be found at Michael’s Crafts

Tools from Around the Craft Room:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters


Step 1

Wire your little pumpkin to your foam wreath ring

Wire your little pumpkin to your foam wreath ring.  I popped out the stem from the top, drove a scissors through the foam pumpkin, threaded both ends of the wire through from top to bottom, and glued the stem back on with the hot glue gun.  Then simply wrapped the wire firmly around the foam ring.  I initially tried simply hot-gluing the pumpkin to the ring, but that was extremely unsuccessful and not at all secure!


Step 2

Cover the foam wreath with moss

Using copious amounts of hot glue to cover the foam wreath ring in moss.  This part won’t take as long as you think, if you glue nice large swatches of moss at a time.


Step 3

Attach the burlap ribbon

Time to attach the burlap ribbon!  Cut out a long length of the burlap ribbon and loop it through the top of the wreath.  Hot glue the loose ends together.  You’ll want to adjust the length of the burlap to fit your door, window, wall, or wherever you’re hanging the wreath.


Another adorable wreath you can try too!


Step 4

Cut your burlap

For the big bow, we’re going to use two pieces.  Cut a strip of burlap that is 2 feet long and fold both ends into the middle so that they are touching.  Hot glue them into place.


Step 5

Make your ribbon

Fold and pinch the ribbon in the center (as shown on the left side of the photo for Step 5), and then glue those folds together.  Now take a small strip of burlap (about 4” long), give it a nice asymmetrical rumple on the front, and wrap it around the center of the bow.  Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the back (middle) of the bow, and anchor it at the top of the burlap hanging strip (as in the right side of the Step 5 photo).


There are several ways that you can hang it, but my favorite way is with a sturdy 3m adhesive wreath hook.  You can use an extra piece of floral wire to make a loop at the back of the bow to hang the Fall wreath on the 3m hook.
You’re done!


Want to try a different kind? How about making a fall harvest wreath with deco mesh with this tutorial from MardiGrasOutlet’s channel:


Are you going to spare an hour to make this stunning fall wreath? Let us know below in the comments!

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