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15 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking for some creative DIY wall art ideas? Unique wall decorations that even a beginner would be able to do? Some walls just appear too boring without the nitty gritty or the personal touch you add to it. Wall art is an excellent way to fill the gap between uneventful and vigorous. If you want to give your house a fresh look, then this post is worth your read!

15 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

A Compilation of Creative Ways to Make Your Do-It-Yourself Wall Art

When you think of revamping a room, you immediately imagine a hole in your pocket. No need to worry about burning your wallet because we’ve got you covered! You don’t have to renovate your room just to give it a new look. Sometimes, all you need is just to decorate that barren wall.

Here’s a roundup of 15 creative DIY wall art ideas for your home:

1. Shoe Box Lid Wall Art

Don’t trash those shoeboxes just yet! Why buy an art canvas when you can use your old shoe box lids as a DIY wall art? To know how to do this project, see the step-by-step tutorial here.

2. Paint Chip Heart Wall Art

If you have paint swatches, then it’s time to give them a new purpose. Who says hearts are just for Valentine’s day? Learn how to do this project by clicking here.

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

3. Watercolor Chevron Wall Art

Play with your watercolor and create this piece of art. Follow the full tutorial here to achieve this clean artistic finish.

4. Framed Scarf Wall Art

Dress up a bare corner of your room with these dainty framed scarves. Find more design inspirations of this project and learn how it’s done here.

5. DIY Sequins Wall Art

Glam up your plain white wall and add sparkle with this DIY project. Start this dazzling project by learning the how-to steps here.

6. Retro Wood Wall Art

Add a vintage touch to your room with a few DIY artsy wood wall art! Get crafty and follow the step-by-step instruction of this project here.

7. DIY Coaster Wall Art

Talk about double duty art! Hang these pretty ribbon-wrapped coasters up to make a mini memo board and use them as coasters, too! Click here for a guide on how to achieve this interesting project.

8. Spray Paint Wall Art

Add a splash of color to your wall and make it inviting with these colorful wall art projects. So grab a blank canvas, a roll of painter’s tape (or lace washing tape), and a couple of cans of spray paint — it’s time to let out your artistic side. Learn the step-by-step process of this project here.

9. Framed Pressed Ferns

Ferns are ideal for pressing because they’re so flat and their silhouettes are so striking. Show your love for nature with this clever DIY. Follow the steps here to copy this subtle yet striking DIY project.

10. Hex Nut Wall Art

Time to raid the nearest hardware store to make this geometric patterned artwork. Click here for the step-by-step instruction on how to copy this project.

11. Gold Dipped Feathers

Hang this adorable mobile from the ceiling or just use it as a piece of 3D wall art. Either way, this simple glitz of art will give your wall a new life. Learn how to do this DIY project with the step-by-step instructions here.

12. DIY Postcard Wall Art

Don’t throw out your old postcards yet because they might just find their way on your wall. These colorful beauties still got some kick in them to fill your boring wall full of life! Check out the whole process here!

13. Ombre Quote Wall Art

If you’re a sucker for quotes, why not post it on your wall? With a little creativity, you’ll have guests staring at an instant conversation starter. Why not try it out and look for the instructions here.

14. DIY Pallet Art

For the patriots at heart, display your love for the country with a DIY pallet art of our map! Your friends will love this bold idea. Learn how here.

15. Washi Tape Frames

If you’ve got some extra tapes from the office, why not make use of it and make a DIY tape frames! So what’s so special about it you ask? Well, it’s just that it is unique, fully customized, and it works surprisingly well on walls. Find out how to do it here.

For more DIY wall art projects, here’s a video from Aili Middleton:


You don’t have to spend too much or buy an expensive wall art to decorate your wall. Sometimes, you just have to be creative. Which of these DIY art projects will you give a try? Let us know how it went by giving us a comment below.

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