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Spell FUN On Your Walls With These DIY Monogram Wall Art Ideas

Ever feel like your walls are just blank canvasses waiting for your creative touches? If repainting or changing the wallpaper feels like too much, then try out these DIY monogram wall art projects. Your mom and dad may have told you that it’s bad to write on the wall, but they never said anything about hanging letters.

Spell FUN On Your Walls With These DIY Monogram Wall Art Ideas

Interior design is rewarding in itself! I should know because my wife takes her creativity to the inner parts of the house. To make our walls beautiful, we resort to either painting them or putting on wallpapers, but that shouldn’t stop there. Make your wall say WOW with these amazing DIY monogram wall art ideas. These are easy to make and to put together.

1. Aged Metal Letters

Nothing spells RUSTIC more than pieces of metal and wood together, literally. If you want to go for the industry/rustic theme, then might I recommend this aged metal letter project? With a hint of acrylic and metallic paint, you can mimic the luster of metal. Details on how to get this project done is right over here.

2. Bathroom Crossword Art

If you’re looking something simple, and perhaps playful at the same time, you might want to consider crosswords. And by crosswords, I mean, a crossword letter type of project. The letters themselves are simply purchased and all you’d really have to do is spray paint them and stick them on the wall the way that best suits your taste. Tutorial to this clever letter design project is right over here.

3. Love Shelf

This one takes more work, but it’s something a lot more useful than simple design. Just one word can carry all of your items. Spell out LOVE and make it any room’s focal point. Using this template, you can even spell out your spouse’s name or even your child’s name. Test your woodworking skills for this stylish letter project! You can find the instructions of project possible right over here.

4. DIY Photo Collage Letters

A really artistic way of showing a moment and saying a word at the same time. Veer away from colors and apply your pictures to your huge letters via collage! The process is pretty simple and the result is indescribable! You’ll find the instructions of how to go about it over here.

5. DIY Concrete Letter and Ampersand

You can’t write in stone, but you can definitely make letters out of concrete. These are not just for decorations for the home, you’ll find them as excellent accents for special occasions too. Instructions on how to make your own is right over here.

6. Crayon Monogram

Do you have boxes of crayons just laying around gathering dust and being useless? Upcycle your old crayons and turn them into this colorful monogram. The step by step process is found if you click right over here.

7. DIY Decoupage Dr. Seuss Read Sign For Children

Everyone knows Dr. Seuss, so why not capture a little bit of his imagination and install them right in your own walls. Go back to the days of innocence and unlimited imagination with this Dr. Seuss monogram wall art. You can get the full tutorial of this neat project if you click over here.

Need more DIY letter projects ideas? You might find Live Your Style‘s own way of setting up his letters a pretty good watch.

You can also choose to rearrange the letters from time to time and create new words with various designs. Art doesn’t need to be expensive nor does it need to be ambiguous. Straightforward, easy, and packed with endless possibilities, these DIY monogram wall art ideas can go a long way in beautifying any room in your house.

Looking for more ways to make house stand out? Check out this article about creative wall art!

Featured image via Scandinavian Wallpaper Decor


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