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DIY Projector Screen For Your Backyard

Spice up your outdoor entertainment by making your own DIY projector screen. After all, warm summer evenings are the best setting for an outdoor movie night!

How To Make A DIY Projector Screen

Some of our most loved gatherings include having friends and family over to watch a film on an outdoor screen. With a great movie, you can easily prepare the party, food and drinks, music and entertainment—yet you can likewise bring the neighbors over to enjoy impromptu snacks and a screening, and just kick back and catch up. Transform your backyard into your neighborhood’s drive-in this weekend with this easy-to-build DIY projector screen!


What You’ll Need:

  • 12 pcs. 2′ PVC pipe
  • 6 pcs. 3′ PVC pipe
  • 2 pcs. 90° connectors
  • 8 pcs. T connectors
  • 1 pc. 4-way connector
  • 4 pc. end caps
  • zip ties
  • grommets 25-40
  • white cloth or tarp
  • Nylon rope and stakes (optional)


How To Make A DIY Projector Screen:

Step 1: Measure And Cut Your Pipes


For the frame, cut 6 pieces of three-foot-long and 6 pieces two-foot-long pipes.

For the base, cut 6 pieces of two-foot-long pipes.


Step 2: Clean Up The Edges Of The Pipes


Use a file to clean up the edges of the pipes so there will be no sharp edges that may cut your skin.


Step 3: Rough Up The Ends


Rough up the edges of the pipes to create a better bond when you adhere the glue.


Step 4: Build Your Frame And Stand


To build the frame you’ll need the following:

  • 6 pieces 3 foot-long pipe
  • 6 pieces 2 foot-long pipe
  • 6 pieces T-connectors
  • 1 piece 4-way connector
  • 2 pieces 90° connectors

For the Base:

  • 6 pieces 2 foot-long pipe
  • 2 pieces T-connectors
  • 4 pieces end caps

Lay out and connect your frame pipes together to form a grid to lay your white cloth or tarp over, but do not glue it yet to avoid any error. Once you are satisfied with it, you can then apply the glue. Make sure that when you push the pipes together they’re really nice and tight. Don’t attach the frame to your base yet, just assemble the base separately.



Step 5: Cut Your Fabric


You’re making a six-foot by four-foot screen, so cut your fabric or tarp to fit the screen.


Step 6: Secure The Fabric To The Screen


Use a grommet kit and zip ties to stretch the cloth into the frame.


Step 7: Attach The Base


Attach the base to your projector screen and place it wherever your heart desires!


Want to see how to build this DIY projector screen? Check out this video from Cottage Life DIY:

Now that you’ve got your DIY projector screen, the next time you have the bright idea to watch a flick on the big screen, you can skip your local cinema and step out into your backyard instead. Enjoy it all by yourself or call the entire neighborhood and chill out in those long summer nights!

What do you think of this DIY projector screen? Will you be making one this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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