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This DIY Materials Transporter Was Made From an Old Airline Beverage Cart [VIDEO]

Adam Savage of Myth Busters fame shows us the true use for an old airline beverage cart — and no, it’s not a new addition to the waste basket.

Using his expert upcycling skills, Savage takes the funky old cart and transforms it into a mobile materials holder — he makes one for glue and paint, but you can pick your poison.

His choice to use a retro airplane beverage and food distributor isn’t purely aesthetic. Because the carts were built to both wheel about and withstand turbulence, it can be moved from place to place, but features a brake when you need it to stay put. It’s got a multitude of drawers and ample storage space, but is meant to fit snugly in small spaces.

While the cart holds and organizes his multitude of glues, he made the cart specifically to function as a holster for his hot glue guns, “and have them not actually drip all over my work bench, which is a real problem.”

In a moment of true builder’s geekery, Savage explains that his glue transporter actually “quotes” a famous piece of movie equipment: Stanley Kubrick’s directing chair. Kubrick’s directing chair (currently traveling in an exhibit), features two plywood boxes on either side, which were used to hold his scripts. Savage’s plywood side repositories hold the cords of his glue gun in lieu of scripts.

Savage says similar carts are often available via eBay and typically run between $250 and $350.

Watch Adam Savage tinker and see the transformation in action!

If you have any great ideas for storing your DIY materials, please let us know! We love to hear from you. 

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