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20 Cool DIY Homesteading Projects For a Simpler Life

Looking for some cool DIY homesteading projects? Look no further because you're going to love these 20 cool DIY homesteading projects for a simpler life.

20 Cool DIY Homesteading Projects For a Simpler Life

Start Sustainable Living With DIY Homesteading

As we all know, homesteading is being self-reliant. However, the success of homesteading does not only lie on being able to grow and produce your own food but on other skills as well. We have compiled this list of helpful DIY homesteading projects for a simpler life that you can do at home and help you become successful in your homesteading journey. And no worries about breaking your bank because these DIY homesteading projects are low budget. Get some inspiration and have fun!


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1. DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump

This amazing DIY project will in increase your self-reliance to the next level. So, there's no reason for you not to do it. It's only made from 2 bicycle wheels and PVC pipes! Find instructions here.

2. DIY Composting Toilet

Create a functional compost toilet and begin turning your waste into a homemade fertilizer for your garden. Find instructions here.

3. DIY Food Storage Shelf

This amazing DIY project will come in handy in storing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Find instructions here.

4. Smokehouse From Pallets for Less than $100

Smokehouse From Pallets for Less than $100 | 20 Cool DIY Homesteading Projects For a Simpler Life
image source

Build your own smoker using some aluminum roofing material and recycled wood pallets and you will have a total control for smoked meat process. Find instructions here.

5. DIY Green House for Under $50

Build an affordable DIY greenhouse and enjoy fresh food all year long! Find instructions here.

6. Egg Carton Fire Starter

Make your own fire starter and start the fire easily and quickly. Find instructions here.



7. Potatoes Gardening Box

Build this great gardening box and grow 100 pounds for potatoes in a small area. Find instructions here.

8. Tomato Cage with PVC

Build a tomato cage with PVC and save a lot cause it will last for years and support all your tomato plants. Find instructions here.

9. Pallet Compost Bin

There's no need to spend money on buying a compost bin, you can easily make it at home. Find instructions here.

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10. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

When the power is out, no need to worries! This mason jar oil lamp will come in handy and it is quite easy to make. Find instructions here.

11. PVC Watering Grid

Build this watering grid and stop wasting water when watering large areas of your garden or lawn. Find instructions here.

12. Soda Cans Solar Heater

A simple heater to warm any room. Perfect for a workshop or you can easily adapt it to the house. Find instructions here.

13. Learn to Bake Without an Oven

Who would have known that you can still bake without an oven? Check out these recipes and learn how to make it without an oven. Find instructions here.

14. Homemade Biscuits From Scratch

Perfect for any meal and for your wallet! Find instructions here.

15. Make a Homemade Goat Cheese

Learn to make your own goat cheese – here.

16. Make Your Own Canned Pickles

Instructions here.

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17. Make Homemade Vinegar

Learn to make a homemade vinegar – here.

18. Make Your Own Beef Tallow

A versatile stuff for cooking and skin care! Instructions here.

19. Preserve Tomatoes With Canning Jars

Instructions here.

20. Preserve Milk for Survival

Learn how to preserve milk – here.


Are you up for another DIY Homesteading Projects? Let’s watch this video from MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends and learn how to press your own cooking oil and stop relying on the store-bought stuff.

Which DIY Homesteading Projects will you try? Let us know in the comments below.

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