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How to Make Your Own DIY Baby Wipes [VIDEO]

Don't spend a ton of money on store-bought baby wipes! Go the affordable and all natural route with these easy-to-make DIY baby wipes.

Check out How to Make Your Own DIY Baby Wipes [VIDEO] at

With five “ingredients” and about five minutes of your time, you can create a significant supply of homemade baby wipes. No fuss, no mess, just straightforward DIY at its best. Check out the video below and see how one crafty Melbourne mom makes it happen, step by step.

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All you need is:

  1. Sturdy paper towels
  2. 2 Plastic containers (1.125 L)
  3. 1 Big scoop of coconut oil
  4. 2 Squirts of natural body wash
  5. 1 Cup boiling hot water

How to Make Your Own DIY Baby Wipes Watch the video for the full tutorial:


Free Group T-Shirt
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