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12 Adorable DIY Diaper Cake Ideas Anyone Can Make

Attending a baby shower in the near future? These DIY diaper cake ideas will make any mom-t0-be happy as a lark!

12 Adorable DIY Diaper Cake Ideas Anyone Can Make

12 Adorable DIY Diaper Cake Ideas Anyone Can Make

My sister’s baby shower is coming up at the end of the month. I’m the sister, so of course I have to make something AMAZING for the party. I started looking for DIY diaper cakes and came across so many freaking adorable one, I just had to share with you guys. I wish I has a million baby showers to attend so I could make them all…

1. Basic 3 Layer DIY Diaper Cake

Learn the basics by following the tutorial here.


2. Princess Castle Diaper Cake

Isn’t this princess castle adorable? Watch the video and find out how to do it yourself.


3.  Carriage Diaper Cake

Excite everyone with this cute baby carriage. And yes, it’s actually made from diapers. Tutorial here.


4. Bathtub DIY Diaper Cake

Surprise your friend’s baby shower with this huge diaper cake! Tutorial here.

5. Bike Diaper Cake

SO CUTE. Check out the whole tutorial here.


6. Tricycle Diaper Cake

Adorbs.  Tutorial here.


7. Mini DIY Diaper Cake

Smaller, but just as cute. And easy to make! Details here.


8. Baby Booties Diaper Cake

A giant booties! Learn to make one by watching this video!


9. DIY Diaper Cake Basket

Fill your basket with baby goodies and you are ready for your friend’s baby shower! Details here.


10. Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake

Fly away and feel free. Learn how to make this cool DIY diaper cake here.


11. Diaper Cake With Faux Fondant

Looks good enough to eat. Tutorial here.


12. Train Diaper Cake

Choo… Choo… The train is coming. Check out this video and learn how to make it!


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