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How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains In 8 Easy Steps

There are many kinds of fountains that can be installed in your garden. If your outdoor space cannot permit a pond that will serve as a water feature, let a backyard fountain do the job. Backyard fountains are a great addition to your outdoor space for a lot of reasons. One reason is this water feature helps make your backyard look really good.

How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains In 8 Easy Steps

Any two-tier fountain is an attraction to any backyard. This DIY project will not eat much of your time on a weekend. This is one of those backyard fountains that’s easier than cooking pot roast. Don’t fuss over the huge and expensive sets because you can do well with a DIY fountain. Consider your space and backyard landscaping in deciding what fountain to have. You can start easy with a two – tier fountain.


  • Cordless Drill


  • 2 ceramic pots
  • Water pump
  • Drain stoppers
  • Caulk
  • Plastic saucer
  • Plastic pot (7 to 8 inches)
  • Stones
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1. Place drain stoppers on the pot’s holes

Check out How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains In 8 Easy Steps at

Firmly press drain stoppers on the large ceramic pot’s holes.

Add caulk around each stopper.

After the caulk sets, turn the pot over and apply caulk on the undersides. Let it dry overnight.

2. Drill a hole to the plastic saucer

Check out How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains In 8 Easy Steps at

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

Drill a hole to the plastic saucer, this will be for the pump tube.

3. Fill the pot with water


Fill the large ceramic pot with water.

4. Set the water pump


Turn the plastic pot upside down and rest it on the bottom of the large ceramic pot with water.

Set the pump on top of the overturned plastic pot. Make sure the pump’s tube is facing up.

Fill the large pot with water, just below the rim.

5. Assemble the tier


Place the saucer on top of the ceramic pot filled with water and have the pump tube sticking up at the center hole.

Place the smaller ceramic pot on top of the saucer with the pump tube coming through the drain hole.

6. Place the nozzle

Place the nozzle of your choice on the end of the pump tube.

7. Fill with stones

Check out How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains In 8 Easy Steps at

Put some stones in the pot and saucer. Spread them into place.

8. You now have your backyard fountain

Check out How To Build Two-Tier Backyard Fountains In 8 Easy Steps at

Plug in the pump and enjoy your new fountain!

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  • 1 Year Warranty - 100% Money Back Guarantee if our pump kit doesn't meet your water pumping needs!
  • PLEASE READ prior to purchasing: This water pump is powered by a solar panel therefore requires sunlight to operate. The flow of water is determined by the amount of light that hits the solar panel. There is NO BATTERY in this system. DOES NOT run at night!

Here is the full video tutorial from Lowe’s Home Improvement:

There you have it! Your own two-tiered backyard fountain. Because there’s a lot of room for creativity, you can actually create different kinds of backyard fountains too. I’ve seen pondless fountains and endless fountains all built in one weekend by avid DIY enthusiasts, so I’m pretty sure there’s going to be one right up your alley.

Campania International FT-125-GS X3 Fountain, Grey Stone Finish
  • Brand: campania international
  • Pump included
  • No plumbing necessary. Fountain is self circulating

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