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Easy DIY Clock For Spring | DIY Projects

Is your search for a beautiful floral DIY clock heading nowhere? Well, the search is over! This easy DIY floral clock is what you’ve been looking for and it’s perfect for spring too!

Easy Floral DIY Clock to Get Your Room Spring-Ready

What is spring all about? Beautiful blooming flowers! And what do we want to do now? Turn our old boring wall clocks into colorful floral ones! It’s never too early to get your home ready for spring, so why not start with this floral DIY clock while you have the time? It’s an easy, fuss-free project but the final product is so unique you won’t find it anywhere else! Are you DIY ready?


What You’ll Need for Your DIY Clock:


Step 1: Create a round canvas.

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Using a compass, trace a perfect circle on the canvas and cut. Once you have a round canvas, trace it on the used paper and cut again.


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Step 2: Fold paper in half.

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Now that you have a circular paper, fold it in half. After that, fold it in half again, which should divide your paper into four equal slices or folds.


Step 3: Unfold and measure.

Check out Easy DIY Clock For Spring | DIY Projects at

Unfold the paper. You should see a folded vertical and horizontal line intersecting in the middle. The edges of the vertical line will be where the numbers 12 and 6 are. The edges of the horizontal line are where the numbers 3 and 9 are. Mark them. The intersection is where the hands will be placed.

Once the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 are in place, you can start measuring the numbers between them. For a more precise measurement, use a measuring tape. Measure how many centimeters from the first to the second number and divide by 3. For example, 23 cm/3=7.7cm; so every 7.7 cm, that’s where you’ll mark the numbers.

In the first quadrant, you will have to mark the positions of 1 and 2, so on and so forth. Continue the same process until you reach number 6.


Step 4: Fold paper in half again.

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You don’t have to mark every single place for the number because you can simply fold the circle in half. You will see a diagonally folded line, which shows where the numbers 7, 8, 10, and 11 will be placed.


Step 5: Cut a hole in the middle.

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Cut a hole in the middle of the circular paper. When done, trace the hole on the canvas and cut it. This is where the clock machine will be placed.


Step 6: Cut into a smaller circle.


Cut the circular paper into a smaller circle. This will help you mark the numbers on the round canvas.


Step 7: Decorate!

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The fun begins! It’s time to decorate! Start by lining the perimeter with white or cream-colored lace. Fold the lace as you glue it to create ruffles. Next, glue on the fake leaves on the lace and then glue the fake flowers as well.

This DIY clock won’t make use of any numbers. Instead, the charms will represent the numbers on your clock. Glue your charms on the marked positions.


Step 8: Work on the clock hands.

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You’re almost done! It’s time to work on the clock hands. In this tutorial, a heart was added to the minute hand, while two arrows were added to the hour hand. All hands were painted with gold acrylic. You will need three coats of paint to achieve this look. Glue the clock machine to the back and then add the hands.


Step 9: Add decoration.

Check out Easy DIY Clock For Spring | DIY Projects at

If you feel like your floral DIY clock can still benefit from added decoration, then feel free to do so! I think that lace ribbon is the perfect final touch!



Check out the step-by-step instructions from I Wear A Bow:

Spring time is all about the blooming flowers, So there’s no better way to get your room spring-ready than with a floral clock, don’t you think? I must say, this easy DIY clock project is getting me giddy; I want to make one ASAP! My daughters are quite excited too! But yeah, spring is just around the corner and getting a head start isn’t so bad. Enjoy the project everyone!

Did you like this floral DIY clock? If you have more ideas on how to make your own wall clocks, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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  1. AvatarKaren Cook Pilcher says

    Your springy clock gave me another idea. I love the beach and the shells. Just recently returned from Sanibel Island in Florida and came home with 58 lbs of gorgeous shells.
    Your clock gave me the idea to make a clock using some of the shells. I have not started it yet but I have put it on my list and have moved it closer to the top, as I am excited about this project.
    Thanks so much for yo Spring clock and letting my imagination go off on it’s own.
    Love your ideas.

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