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DIY Wood Log Projects To Add A Rustic And Natural Feel To Your Home

There is something about wood and logs in particular that give an enchanting vibe to it. Probably because Mother nature herself is very much fascinating and has been fondly linked with fairies, leprechauns, elves, dwarfs and such. Bring this kind of magic to your home by making use of the logs and stumps you see in your backyard. Gear up and prepare to dramatically transform your home, like magic!

DIY Wood Log Projects To Add A Rustic And Natural Feel To Your Home

Let your imagination work as you travel through familiar fairytales with the sight and scent of wood. Logs and wood stumps are definitely stable and sturdy pieces, so they are great additions to your home through useful and magical DIY projects. For sure, you can still save a space for a functional table, be it for the sides or a coffee table. Your wall can also use a wood clock like from the seven dwarfs', or a mirror decorated with logs around it transforming it into like a magic mirror. There is so much more you can make out of logs, and we have rounded up some easy projects you can try right away!


1. Natural Log Pathway

Fix your pathway using logs like this project. Your kids are going to love stepping on each stump, pretending that they're on their way to the enchanted castle. Click here for the full tutorial of this project.

2. Handrail

Got some long log outside? Make use of it by having it as a handrail for your stairs. Make sure to sand it first to avoid getting hurt from splinters. Details of this project here.

3. Tree Stump Log Planter

A beautiful way to make use of your logs is by making it into a planter found in your backyard. They look like they magically grew straight out of it! For the full details of this log project, click here.

4. Wood Stump Coffee Table

Simply transform your stump into a coffee table like this. Sturdy and unmoveable, this is the perfect place to lay down your cups of tea. For the full details of this DIY Project, click here.

5. DIY birch logs tea light holders

These tea light holders are definitely stable, mainly because they are made out of birch! They will glow mysteriously in the night when light up and look like fairies. They'll work like a charm to your little girls. See tutorial of this project here.

6. Climbing Wall Play Set

Logs and wood stumps aren't only for indoor functions because they can be a source of leisure! Is this Peter Pan's Tree House where the Lost Boys used to hang? Click here for more details of this DIY wood project.

7. Wood Clock

A wood clock will be an interesting addition to your wall space. Find your kids reading the clock for you most of the time, especially if they think that this chunk of a clock was a gift from a tinker fairy. See details of this project here.

8. Log Lounger

Get cozy in your chair made out of logs! (Yes, it's possible) Click here to get the tutorial on this log lounger project.

9. Hanging Lamp

Another way to make use of your spare birch is by using it as a table lamp! You'll never suspect a log to be hanging around there. What an idea! Click here to know how to replicate this log project.

10. Tree Stump Tables

With wood stumps as your tables, it's like running a meeting with the knights of the round table. Have endless conversations with your children here as they warm up to the idea of logs everywhere! Details to this project here.

11. Side Table

This stylish piece is proudly made from a log. This deserves a spot in your home. More details here.

12. Log Planter

This DIY planter might just be what you need in your backyard. This is also an excellent gift to give! Get the tutorial here.

13. Mirror with Wood

Your mirror can definitely be as interestingly decorated as this project, by only using logs! Full tutorial of this DIY log project, click here.


Here is Modern Builds‘ DIY Floating Log End Table project you can also check out: 

When we grow up, we change our ways, our likes, and our wants. But the one thing that would probably never change within us is the child in us. We may not believe in fairytales anymore, but we have to admit that there's that certain spark of joy whenever we tell them to our children or when we see them fascinated with these inanimate stories. These DIY log projects have embodied some of our fantasy items to become reality, and still with great use. Now that's magical!

It's easy to create something out of logs and stumps, right? Click here if you want other wood DIY projects.

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