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Weird DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends [VIDEO]

Wondering what gifts you should make for your friends this Christmas? Don’t panic! Take a peek at these 5 weird DIY Christmas gifts that will surely make them smile!

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that will make your receivers laugh. After all, the Christmas season is about laughter and good times. So, roll up your sleeves and give these DIY Christmas gifts a shot!

Weird DIY Christmas Gifts You Need To Try!

December has finally come! It’s that time of year again where gift giving is so popular. However, finding the right gifts for friends is a difficult task. The holiday season is always a tough time for everyone’s pocket, and personally, I cannot always afford to buy everyone the best. This is where my creativity comes in. I strongly believe that handmade gifts are much more meaningful and much better than anything else! Just think out of the box and free yourself from costly seasonal prices with these weird DIY Christmas gifts for friends.


1. iPhone Battery Transferer

iPhone Battery Transferer | Weird DIY Christmas Gifts You Need To Try

Did somebody say life saver? Thanks to this iPhone battery charger, you can share battery from one phone to another. You’ll just need an OTG cord, which is generally used to transfer photos from your camera to your phone. Whichever device has the OTG cord in it will charge the other phone. Just make sure you get an OTD cord compatible with your phone.


2. Shower Microphone Sponge 

Shower Microphone Sponge | Weird DIY Christmas Gifts You Need To Try

Sing yourself clean! This is a perfect gift for your friends who like to practice singing in the shower! It has the ability to set your inner diva free. You’ll need a sponge, scissors, washable marking pencil and a microphone-shaped outline. Just trace the microphone shape onto the sponge, then cut it out. And you’re done!


3. Hoodie Pillowcase

Hoodie Pillowcase | Weird DIY Christmas Gifts You Need To Try

We all know a person who refuses to wear anything but a hoodie. This is the gift for them! To make a hoodie pillowcase, you’ll need a hot glue gun, a pillowcase, a pair of scissors, and an old hoodie. Cut the hood of the hoodie off and cut the center to separate the hoodie. Clean up the edges, and glue the hoodie down to the pillow. And if the edges still look kind of messy, cut the bottom of the hoodie off and glue that down over the edge. Happy napping!


4. Phone Hologram

Phone Hologram | Weird DIY Christmas Gifts You Need To Try

You’ve seen this around the web, now it’s time to make it happen. You’ll need an old CD case, a glue gun, a drawing tool, and a cutting tool. Separate the case and then cut out four even kind-of-triangle shapes. Glue the edges of the triangles together to create a pyramid-shaped device. Make sure you glue the outside of the edges, too. And, viola! You now have a DIY phone hologram projector.


5. Drink-Dispensing Purse

Drink-Dispensing Purse | Weird DIY Christmas Gifts You Need To Try

For a truly eccentric pal! What a perfect idea to save money while carrying your favorite drink the fashionable way! To make this drink-dispensing purse, you need one of those mini water coolers and a purse. Break apart the water cooler until you have just the water dispenser tap. Then, stick the tap into the hole at the bottom of your purse, use the hot glue gun to keep it in place. Take a Ziploc bag and cut a small hole in the corner. Take a funnel and place it through the little hole. To close the funnel, use again the hot glue gun, and then wrap a rubber band around the area. Once done securing the rubber, seal it with a hot glue gun. Make the glue dries properly to avoid leak. You also need a little rubber stopper tool. Put the funnel through the rubber stopper, and tuck the Ziploc bag in the pocket. And that’s it, you now have your own drink-dispensing purse.


Watch this hilarious how-to video from Rclbeauty101 and take a walk on the weird side of DIY:

There you have it, your choice of 5 different weird DIY Christmas gifts for your friends! These weird, yet fun gift ideas will not only bring happiness to your friends, but they are also a real treat to make.


Which one of these weird DIY Christmas gifts is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below.

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