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DIY Wedding Decorations | DIY Weddings

Weddings are super expensive, and definitely can create a hole in the pocketbook. Although your wedding day should reflect you and your fiancé's taste, you also need to maintain your tight budget. Many brides have turned to DIY techniques to combat extra costs. Here are some of our favorite DIY wedding decorations that can be made with supplies from the dollar store:

1. DIY Tassel Garland

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Tissue Paper (3+ colors)


Hot Glue


1. Fold tissue paper once lengthwise, and once widthwise. Fold one more time widthwise.

2. Cut the tissue paper into 1 cm strips, leaving 2 inches at the top.

3. Unfold the tissue paper once and cut in half.

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

4. Unfold the tissue paper 2 more times and cut. Your individual pieces should now be roughly 4 inches wide.

4. Roll the paper until both ends meet.

5. Twist the center section that you left uncut into a loop and glue.

(See full instructions at Hostess with the Mostess)

2. DIY Paper Rosettes

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Scrapbook Paper



1. Take 2-3 pieces of paper for a large rosette, and 1 piece for a small rosette.

2. Fold the paper accordion-style, like how you would to make a paper fan.

3. Cut the paper in half.

4. Fold the paper in half

5. Using a stapler, staple the edges of each piece to another to make a full circle.

(See full article on Babble)

3. DIY Wedding Backdrop

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Ribbon (10+ yards)

Crochet string (size 10)


1 1/2 boxes of interfolded waxed deli sheets

Match stick


1. Fold waxed paper sheet in half to form a square and cut out a circle shape.

2. Cut circle in half and set aside. Cut crochet string to desired length and tie a slip knot on one end.

3. Fold half-circle into cone shape by turning the corners in towards each other so that they overlap. Secure cone shape by stitching in and out of where the paper overlaps.

4. Fill length of string with cones, leaving about a finger’s width of space between each cone.

5. Prepare the ribbon by trimming a clean angled end. To keep end from fraying and unraveling, lightly singe the ribbon’s edge. Thread the ribbon through the slip knot loops.

6. Synch down slip knots to hold cone strands in place. Leave about a finger’s width between each strand.

7. Trim away the tails of the slip knots.

8. Continue to repeat this process until length of ribbon is full.

(See full instructions on StyleMePretty)

4. DIY Heart Streamers

DIY Wedding Decorations | DIY Weddings
Make your getaway fabulous with these DIY heart streamers


Construction paper


Hot Glue




1. Cut out hearts in construction paper – you need enough to double up!

2. Decide what length you want the streamers and cut pieces of yard according to that length. Lay them out where you can see them in full.

3. Hot glue the yarn to the center of a paper heart, and sandwich between another paper heart. Repeat every 2 inches until your streamer looks full!

4. Punch a hole in the bottom of the cans with scissors, and pull the end of the streamers through. Tie a knot to hold it in place.

5. Attach the streamers to your getaway car using some leftover ribbon.

(See more images at 100LayerCake)


  1. AvatarAnnemarie says

    May 21, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    I’m getting married in hawaii. But I’m having the reception back home in Nebraska. my theme is Hawaiian so you have any ideas that I could do for my tables? I could use some ideas too. Our wedding is in April 7th 2015 but our reception I’d going to be the 18th of april.

    Annemarie & Scott

  2. AvatarKathy says

    February 27, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    You know I really want to find nice things for weddings, like Martha, David and Cowie. You make us sign that we don’t want the cheap stuff from Walmart, but this stuff sure isn’t any better. It’s cheesy looking. How about some stuff like the above mentioned quality,not cheap looking stuff? Is that available from your site? I’m not impressed since you were so boastful about great alternatives to expensive designer weddings. Please tell me you have better than what is shown to offer.


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