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10 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Household Items

Use your imagination and upcycle household items into gorgeous new pieces. Is that designer? No, it's my ladle! 

10 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Household Items

10 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Household Items

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1. Ladle Tea Light Holder

A ladle and tea light — so neat and classy.  Light your patio the pretty way.


2. Plate Wall Decor

With a little imagination, pretty plates become lovely wall deccor. Details here.


3. Whisk Light

A genius way to upcycle your whisks. But make sure not to bump into them once assembled!


4. French Press Terrarium

Super cool idea to repurpose your french press. Details here.


5. Projector Retro Clock

Clever way to upcycle a projector. Check out the details here.


6. Cheese Grater Holder: Upcycle Household Items

Turn your old grater into a kitchen utensil and towel holder.


7. Breadboard Shelf

Cultivate that vintage farm house look with this breadboard shelf. Tutorial here.


8. Rolling Pin Card Holder

Keep favorite family recipes in this card holder. Details here.


9. Kitchen Scale Clock

Isn't this upscale scale idea lovely? Details here.


10. Enamel Mug Organizer

De-clutter your work space with an old enamel mug. Tutorial here.


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