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Three Types Of Lighting Every Kitchen Needs

A good house means having good lighting. For a spot in the house where work is mostly done, like the kitchen, you need more than one source of lighting. If you still don't know what to get, we're going to show you what types of lighting will work for you

Three Types Of Lighting Every Kitchen Needs

Add Ambiance To The Kitchen With Any Of These Types Of Lighting

There are things that you want and there are things that you need, like giving your kitchen impressive lighting. As far as lighting is concerned, it pays to know what you really need because different types of lighting for kitchen serve different purposes. Trust me, you don't want to nick your finger off a butcher block because the kitchen is dark.

1. General Lighting

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Also known as ambient lighting, this lighting is what we usually see on ceilings. This serves as the ultimate source of light for the kitchen area. You can install plenty of lights for this kind of lighting, or one large light to accommodate the entire space. In the video below, the ambient lighting is composed of different types of light that can be used together or some can be dimmed for highlighting purposes.

2. Task Lighting

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This lighting is what you use for a closer range for tasks in the kitchen. You can place it just above the sink, above the stove, above the counter or even at the bar. Sometimes, general lighting is not enough, especially if you have a wide kitchen space so you need some focal lighting for some areas.

3. Accent Lighting

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Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

This lighting can highlight specific objects and areas for the kitchen. Elektra LED lighting often works great as an accent in the kitchen. In other areas of the house, an accent light highlights artwork, books or sculpture.

Here is the full video tackling about kitchen lighting parts and some tips to go with it: 

The kitchen should be a well-lit area because it is your home's focal point and it is a work area. Highlighting your mini-bar through lighting is just as important as providing enough light to see what you're cutting on a butcher block. Lighting is a great investment and it pays to have good lighting.
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