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How To Stencil A Table

How To Stencil A Table

Here at the D.Y.I. studios we have a craft table that has seen better days. Instead of buying a brand new table, we used stencils to give our trusty office staple a new fresh face. A simple pattern and touch of metallics turned our boring brown table into a focal point. Learn just how easy it is to stencil furniture below.

Supplies needed To Stencil Furniture

How To Stencil A Table


– 1 Low tact tape
– 1 Stencil pattern of your choice
– 1 Quart Interior flat paint (x2)
– 1 Foam roller
– 1 Paint pallet
– 1 Stencil brush
– 1 jar of metallic paint (optional)

How To Stencil Furniture

Step One:

How To Stencil A Table



After cleaning off your furniture surface, start off by repainting the area in which you want to stencil. If you are doing a chair or anything with fabric, tape off fabric areas to avoid paint drips. I just used a regular wall paint roller for this step. To get a even coat, try painting in a “W” format. Once base coat is complete

Step Two:


Once the base coat is dry, time to bust out your cute pattern stencil! Working with patterns can get tricky, so I like to work in a corner from right to left. This helps me line up my pattern easily. Once happy with your pattern placement, tape down on all sides with low tac tape. This wont harm your base coat or stencil, and will help you keep everything in place!

Step Three:

How To Stencil A Table

To cut down on paint bleed, use a very small amount of paint on your foam roller, you an always add more. Because we are not using a ton of paint, you can remove the stencil after you have completed your paint application. To prevent smudges, use both hands and lift upwards. If you noticed your stencil pattern isn’t perfect, you can always go over the lines with a small paint brush loaded with your base coat color and erase your mistakes.

Step Four:

How To Stencil A Table

Want to know the trick to lining up stencils? Start at the corners. Match up the corners to be a continuous line. If you still can’t tell, take a pencil an draw our the corners of the design, this really helps as guideline to where your stencil should go. Mess up? Just paint over with your base coat and try again – much easier than working with wallpaper!

Step Five:

How To Stencil A Table

Want to layer colors with your stencil? There are two ways of doing this, one is to leave your pattern in place until your main color has dried, then use a stencil brush to apply paint. I did this, and also used a small paint brush to color in some metallic details, so cute!

How To Stencil A Table

How To Stencil A Table

We can’t wait to use our cute new table to craft even more fun ideas for you. This was such a simple and fun idea, we might just stencil just about anything we can get our hands on! What furniture item in your home could use a makeover? Have you ever stenciled? Let us know about it in the comments.


  1. Linda says

    This is an awesome idea. I wasn’t quite sure how to do a project like this; thanks to your instructions, I’m ready to try to do my own stenciling onto furniture or walls. Thank you so very much. Have a very Blessed day.

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