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Spring Break Survival Kit | DIY Spring Projects

What should your spring break survival kit include? Get the most out of your long-awaited vacay by making sure you have everything you need to survive Spring Break!

Spring Break Survival Kit: Everything You Need

Tickets to Cancun — check. Swimsuit – check. Spring dresses – check. Ready to go? Not so fast! You must make sure your Spring Break survival kit is complete! Wait, what is that? How to put together a survival kit? Well, that’s what I’m here for! I have prepared a list of the things you’ll need to survive Spring Break in the most awesome and fabulous way possible. Check out this survival list checklist:


1. Lots and Lots of Sunscreen

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Want to get tan? Hold that thought. You’ll likely end up as red as a lobster without sunscreen and more vulnerable to developing skin cancer – yikes! The sun is merciless and will cook you far behind that caramel color you’re seeking. Be the responsible one for once, and remind friends to apply sunscreen regularly. They’ll thank you later when they’re able to put on a shirt without wincing in pain.


2. Power Bank

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I hope you’re not spending too much of your Spring Break on the phone, but you’ll need it all the same for emergencies and corresponding with friends. But on long days, your trusty mobile is bound to run out of juice quicker than you expect. Power banks are now a must-have for traveling as it can give your phone the extra lifeline it needs. You never know when you’ll need to call a taxi, roadside assistance, or reach out in case of a serious emergency.


3. Cash

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Debit and credit cards work in most cases, but sometimes you can’t find an ATM when you need one. Cash makes it easier to leave tips or split a restaurant bill and frequent areas that are less accommodating to credit cards. Be sure to have a secure way of storing your greenbacks to prevent theft!



4. Insurance Card

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I know the average Spring Breaker thinks they’re, well, unbreakable, but injuries can happen. Always take precautions to stay safe. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll want to be prepared to seek medical attention. Avoid any delays in getting care or billing issues down the line by tucking away your insurance card for such emergencies. Be sure to also have a copy of your medical records and a list of any prescription medications you take in the event things take a turn for the worse.


5. Water/Hydration Pack

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Yeah, water seems obvious; it’s a basic need after all. But you’re likely to see plenty of people camped out on a sun-baked beach with nothing to drink but the one type of beverage that actually dehydrates you… Be sure to throw some water in the cooler, and maybe even throw on a Camelbak or other hydration pack to take some sips of sweet H20 in between libations. A reusable water bottle is also great for reducing waste and will help remind you to keep it filled.


6. Water Shoes/Sandals

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Please, don’t even think about it. Just don’t. Trudging on the beach barefoot is a big no no. Odds are you’re going to tread over rocks, scalding pavement and, on especially unlucky situations, a hidden piece of glass. Tuck away a good pair of sandals or water shoes, and you’ll be able to head straight from the beach to grab a bite to eat — without having to gingerly skip over hot concrete. Protect your feet and they’ll be ready for dancing at the downtown clubs later that night.


7. Earplugs

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Perhaps your roommate is fond of singing in the shower — at 6 am. Or that budget hotel room, which seemed like such a great deal when you booked it, turns out to be next to a 24-hour pool bar… We all like to party well into the night, but when you need your rest, you’ll be thankful you have these to block out any ambient noise. In short: ear plugs are a MUST for your Spring Break vacation kit.


8. Ibuprofen

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Spring Break is, of course, a time for fun. But from sunburns to sprained ankles on the dance floor to brutal hangovers, a lot can get you down. Bring aspirin, Ibuprofen or another over-the-counter pain reliever to keep you trucking along. Ibuprofen is generally safe, but use it in moderation all the same.



9. Your Favorite Pillow

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In your hotel room, there’s likely to be a limited number of beds, and therefore, a finite number of pillows. And in the real hole-in-the-walls that are within the budget of the average college student, the pillows are not the kind you’d want to run a blacklight over… Tuck your own trusty pillow under your arm for a comfortable, sanitary night’s sleep, even in times where you have to crash on the floor. As a bonus, you’ll have a pillow for the drive back home too!


10. Cheap Sunglasses

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Everyone’s impressed with your $100 Ray-Bans and Costas, but Spring Break has a tendency to make us forgetful and misplace things. Even with a good strap for your shades, there’s no guarantee they won’t be accidentally abandoned or even stolen. So take no chances and pick up a few cheap pairs at the dollar store. A lost pair won’t put a damper on your trip.


Want even more ideas for your Spring Break survival kit? Check out this useful video from Her Campus:

With this arsenal of Spring Break items, you’ll be safer, better rested and able to focus on the more enjoyable parts of the trip. So get packing and hit the road confidently now that you’re prepared for whatever Spring Break can throw at you.

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