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7 Most Common AC Issues & How To Fix Them

Most Common AC Issues How to Fix Them

7 Most Common AC Issues & How To Fix Them

Air conditioning can really help you feel comfortable on a hot summer day, but it’s also yet another thing that can (and will) break and need repair. Even with good maintenance, you can have issues with your AC. Here are seven of the most common AC issues, and what you can do to try to fix them before you call in the professionals.

1. The Condenser Isn’t Running

7 Most Common AC Issues & How To Fix Them

Check the power, and try turning it off and back on again. Look for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. Take a good look at your thermostat, too, and see if it’s set the right way. Lower it a few degrees and see what happens. If none of that works the compressor or motor may be bad, and a pro will need to fix it.


2. It’s Cool (But Not Cool Enough) In Your House

Not Cool Enough | 7 Most Common A/C Issues & How To Fix Them

If lowering the temperature on the thermostat doesn’t work, the evaporator may be dirty. Clean it carefully and see how the temperature in your house feels after several hours. If it’s still too warm, you may need a bigger AC unit for your home. But remember that some days are simply too hot for your AC to keep it very cold in your house, so take that into account.


3. It Runs, But It’s Not Cool At All

Not Cool At All | 7 Most Common A/C Issues & How To Fix Them

Check the thermostat and condenser. Clear weeds and any debris away from the outside unit. If that doesn’t work, you may need a pro to check the refrigerant level and make sure it has enough and isn’t leaking. The compressor may also be failing.


4. The Unit is Cycling On and Off Repeatedly

Unit Cycles On and Off | 7 Most Common A/C Issues & How To Fix Them

A blocked or dirty condenser, or an evaporator that’s dirty can cause cycling. Cleaning the unit thoroughly and getting any weeds or tall grass away from the outside unit may be enough to get it working properly again. If not, it’s a job for the pros.


5. It Just Doesn’t Run At All

Doesnt Run at All | 7 Most Common A/C Issues & How To Fix Them

Checking to make sure the power is on and is getting to the unit is the first step. Look at your breakers or fuses, and see if there’s anything unusual. If there isn’t power to the unit, or it keeps tripping a breaker, it’s not something you want to work on yourself. Get a professional to take a look.


6. The Unit is Freezing Up

Unit Is Freezing Up | 7 Most Common A/C Issues & How To Fix Them

Sometimes interior AC units will freeze up if they don’t have enough coolant. The air temperature outside can also play a role in how well your A/C unit works. When the unit has to work extra hard to produce cooling, it can get too cold inside the AC cabinet. If your unit has frozen up, you’ll want to turn it off and let it defrost thoroughly. If it’s still not working after defrosting, or if it keeps freezing up, that’s a job for the pros.


7. It’s Leaking Water in the AC Cabinet

Leaking Water | 7 Most Common A/C Issues & How To Fix Them

A plugged drain line is one of the most common reasons that your AC unit is leaking into the cabinet. The unit generally sends any condensation out of the cabinet through the drain line, which exits your home near the exterior unit. If the line becomes plugged the unit can leak inside. The same is true for an AC unit that isn’t set correctly because the wrong slant can send condensation flowing away from the drain line, allowing it to back up inside the cabinet and leak, damaging your home. You can unplug the line yourself in most cases with some vinegar. If that doesn’t work or the unit isn’t sitting correctly, you’ll need a professional to help you.

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