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DIY Sandbox Ideas

Looking to make a DIY sandbox for your kiddos? Check out some of these awesome ideas.

Give your backyard a twist with one of these homemade sandboxes

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember playing for hours in the sandbox with my brother and sister. My dad had built it for my older brother before me and my sister came along, but it eventually became all of our favorite hangout 🙂

Now that me and my family have moved into a bigger house, I finally have the backyard a space for an amazing DIY sandbox. My husband and I looked and looked for the perfect sandbox to make, and finally settled on one similar to #12 on this list. It’s not a project that can be done in one day, but we are having a blast making it! If you’re interested on working on your own homemade sandbox, check out some of the fantastic ideas below.

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DIY Sandbox Ideas

1. Not Just a Sandbox

Not-so-ordinary sandbox that kids will love. Details here.

2. Wood Sandbox

Wooden sandbox idea made by experts. See the step-by-step tutorial here.

3. Simple Sandbox

Grab this easy and simple DIY sandbox tutorial here.

4. Deluxe DIY Sandbox

Feels like summer is always just around the corner with this deluxe sandbox. Details here.

5. Tire Sandbox

Who would have thought! Great way to recycle a tire. Details here.

6. DIY Sandbox Table

Great idea for a small backyard space. Details here.

7. DIY Pottery Barn Sandbox Tutorial

A sand box inspired by Pottery Barn. Details here.

8. $25 Dollar Sandbox in 15 Minutes

Easy and cheap sandbox idea. See details here.

9. Repurposed Tent Sandbox

Upcycle an old tent into this neat tent sandbox for your toddlers. Details here.

10. Sandbox Boat

Feels like a captain! Fun idea here.

11. Sandbox with Chalkboard

Double the fun with a sandbox and chalkboard combo. Details here.

12. Sandbox with Cover

What more could your kid ask for?  See details here.



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