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DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs and Became Something Totally Different

Sometimes you’re working on a DIY project, and it turns out entirely different than what you planned. That’s what happened with these rugs!

DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs And Became Something Else Entirely

Rugs are a surprisingly good foundation for a variety of DIY projects; they provide automatic shape, structure and texture upon which to build. Flat-woven ones in particular tend to be affordable, durable and often feature pretty patterns. I would have dreamed of turning a rug into a dress — until I came across from brilliant tutorials from brilliantly creative minds. Check out some amazing DIY projects made with simple rugs:

1. Fringe Rug Bag

Get stylish with this super cool, easy to sew rug bag. Tutorial here.


2. DIY Wall Art

Just hang a rug of your choice that will complement your room and voila! Instant wall art piece.


3. Headboard

Turn your rug into a head-turning headboard.  Tutorial here.


4. Bohemian Pillows

The secret of achieving the textured pillow case. Rag rugs! Details here.


5. Rug Ottoman

Upholster your old ottoman and turn into a brand new beautiful piece. Tutorial here.


6. DIY Rug Bench

Gorgeous! Details here.


7. Mini Skirt

This is just genius! Details here.


8. Bodycon Dress

I thought no. 7 was genius until I found this. Tutorial here.


9. Hairpin Bedside Bench

Chic and fab! Tutorial here.


10. Storage Bin

Keep things organized by creating a cute storage bin from a rug. Details here.

11. Homemade Rug Tote

A lovely tote bag. Who would have thought it was made from rug? Tutorial here.


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