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Number Cakes & Dessert Ideas For Single Digit Birthdays

Want to know how to make a number cakes? If you want to skip the numbered candle, this is a great way to show the celebrant’s age with a twist!

Number Cakes & Dessert Ideas For Single Digit Birthdays

Baking has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve made cakes before but I haven’t really gone around doing cake designs. So when I found this infographic, I felt like making number cakes couldn’t be that hard. You’ll just need the standard round or square tins to get started and you’ll be singing “Happy Birthday” in no time! Use this guide from Prepared with Love to learn how to make number cakes.

Number cakes can be made with larger tins, as long as they’re both the same size! Don’t forget to save the cake you don’t use for cake pops!


Number 0 Cakes

You will need both the round and the square tins. If you’re celebrating a decade year you’ll need 2 cakes!

Chocolate and Candy Number Cakes

Top your cake with colored candies and wrap it with chocolate. Kit-Kat will also work for this. See it here.

Pastel Number Cakes

Decorate your numbers with little drops of frosting for a fun floral loo!

Number 1 Cake

You will need the square tin only. Try your skills on these:

Giraffe Number Cake

The giraffe’s head does kinda look like the number one.

Baseball Lover Number Cake

A cute DIY cake for your little boy.

Pretty Pastel Number Cake

Pretty pastel fit for a princess. Just look how delicate the detail is.

2 Number Cake

You will need both the round and square tins. Check out some samples:

Lightning McQueen Number Cake

This is just creative. Turning the number two into a highway for Lightning.

Number Cake of Sweets

Thoughtful, creative and sweet!

Number 3 Cake

You will need both the round and square tins. Get some inspiration here:

Lady Beetle 3 Number Cake

So simple yet cute.

Smarties and Sprinkles Number Cake

Colorful and festive, just the perfect cake for a three-year-old.

Number 4 Cake

You will need the square tin only. Check out some number 4 cakes:

M&Ms Number Cake

This looks time-consuming but for your kid, I’m sure it’s worth it!

Four Racetrack Number Cake

Four cars on a number four cake. See how you can make it here.

Number 5 Cake

You will need both the round and square tins. View some cakes here:

Batman 5 Number Cake

Have the caped crusader join your party in the form of this number 5 cake. Wow!

Frozen-Themed Number Cake

The Frozen Fever is still on. Just ask Kamilah! 🙂

Number 6 Cake

You will need the round tin only x 2. Check out a couple here!

Superhero Number Cake

I’m sure it doesn’t matter whether they’re from Marvel or DC, they’re all cool!

Tigger Number Cake

Any kid will be hopping with joy like Tigger when you make them this cake.

Number 7 Cake

You will need the square tin only. Scroll on for cake ideas!

Moshling Party Number Cake

If your kid is into Moshi Monsters, they’ll love this idea!

Number 7 Photo Cake

Put some fondant and add your child’s photos.

Number 8 Cake

You will need the round tin only x 2.

Floral Number 8 Cake

It’s like eating a beautiful garden.

Angry Birds Number Cake

The birds don’t look too angry on this cake.

Number 9 Cake

You will need the round tin only x 2.

Chocolate Number 9 Cake

I’m sure this will be delicious!

Underwater Jelly and Marshmallow Cake

So many sweets in a cake… Kids will love this!


Want to see how you can make a number one cake? Watch this video tutorial from


Which cake are you making for the special person in your life? Let us know below in the comments!

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image source: preparedwithlove

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