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17 DIY Memorial Day Decorations You Can Make And Reuse On July 4th

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Making your very own DIY Memorial Day decorations is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy. With the 4th of July just a few months away, why not make quality decorations that you can keep and reuse on this next holiday?

Here are some Memorial Day decor ideas that both you and your kids can enjoy crafting over the weekend.

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Quick and Easy DIY Memorial Day Decorations You Can Reuse on Independence Day

1. Craft and Hang Some Paper Chains


Paper chains are great for Memorial Day decorating because they're easy and fun to do. In fact, you could leave this one for your kids while you focus on making other decorations.

If you have a white fence, the simplest thing you could do is to make sets of red paper chains and blue paper chains and hang them there. Others even choose to design an entire American flag with them.

Regardless of how you use them, these are definitely one of the simplest DIY Memorial Day decorations out there. It's a good way to show your holiday spirit even to people just passing by your house.

2. Plant Red, White, and Blue Flowers


You can plant white and blue flowers on a red pot or switch it up. It's a subtle but cheerful way to welcome your guests over to your place.

Plus, you can use these flowers and spread them over your landscape once the weekend is done. Use them to decorate your porch or re-plant them on your garden if you have a green thumb.

3. Paint Your Flowerpots With Stars and Stripes


If you want to go a little over the top, you can also grab a paintbrush and ask your kids to paint your flowerpots with stars and stripes.

4. Use Vintage Tin Cans


If you don't want to mess your flowerpots up, then why not use vintage tin cans instead? Not only do they give that extra American flair, but you're also helping the environment by recycling these old and used cans.

Check your local thrift shop for these much cheaper alternatives.

5. Paint Stars on Your Lawn


Speaking of gardening, why not paint lawn stars on your grass? White stars are the most visible against your green and brown landscape, but you can also paint red and blue stars if you think they'll look great.

Now, of course we know you take good care of your grass, but don't worry. A lot of hardware stores sell paint that's designed specifically to be safe for use on grass, similar to ones you see on sports fields.

You can create a stencil out of some used cardboard you have left from previous DIY projects. Use this to paint similar-sized stars all over your lawn and voila, you have one of the most festive Memorial Day decorations in your neighborhood.

6. Use Mason Jars as Driveway Luminaries


Over the past few years, mason jars seem to have replaced mugs as a popular simple gift. Well, why not reuse these mason jars and turn them into luminaries that light up your driveway.

  • Simply wrap the mason jars with red or white cellophane paper.
  • You can also dye tissue paper with these colors before wrapping them around the jars or even just paint the jars themselves.
  • Afterward, just place a votive candle inside them. If you have them, opt for battery-operated candles instead since these are much safer to use.

7. Make an American Flag Wreath


Your guests have seen your lawn and have parked in your driveway, now, you can welcome them into your home with an American flag wreath at the doorstep.

You can be as creative as you want with this. Make a wreath from small American flags, or even from clothespins handpainted with the patriotic red, white, and blue.

You can leave this hanging on your door from Memorial Day all the way up to the fourth of July.

8. Use a Blue-And-White or a Red-And-White Gingham for Your Tablecloth


A blue-white or red-white plaid tablecloth makes for one of the most vibrant yet subtle foundations for any table setting. This is one of the most effortless Memorial Day decorations you can do for your outdoor barbecue with friends.

The gingham tablecloth can actually work the entire year, but it fits especially well with this occasion.

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9. Try a Table Runner Made of Bandanas


As an alternative to your tablecloth, you can also just use some blue, white, and red bandanas. Just set them on the center of the table in a fairly straight line.

If you're up for it, you can come up with a pattern you can design yourself.

10. Put up Some Paper Pinwheels


Paper pinwheels are some of the simplest Memorial Day decorations. Use an old pack of patriotic scrapbook paper to make your pinwheels and pin them all over the patio.

You can also just leave them in a vase or bucket and let your guests' kids play with them.

11. Tie Red and Blue Ribbons Around Your Flatware


To finish your table-setting, why not impress your guests with festive ribbons tied around your flatware for a little extra flair?

12. Knot Some Bows to Your Chairs


You can also grab those same ribbons, tie some bows, and deck your chairs in the old red, white and blue.

13. Add Personalized American-Themed Stickers to Your Food Cups


Let your paper cups help in giving your party the Memorial Day feel by adding little American-themed stickers on them. This one's pretty simple, especially if you don't want to use plastic or glass cups for the occasion.

14. Make Your Food Speak for Itself


If you love cooking and preparing food, then this should be one of the most enjoyable DIY Memorial Day decorations for you. Get creative with your food presentation and allow them to do the talking for you.

Use strawberries or tomatoes for that red color, maybe add some white creams, and finish off the presentation with some blueberries. You can also just add red and blue M&Ms to a white bowl for your friends to nibble on if cooking isn't really your thing.

15. Finish the Meal With Cupcakes Topped With American Flags


For dessert, whip up some cupcakes and dress them up by sticking small American flag toothpicks in them. You can also bake patriotic cupcakes if you're up for the challenge.

16. Put up Some Balloons and Fill Them With Confetti


Why not put up some balloons colored red, white and blue! For an even better twist, put confetti inside them before popping them for an explosive surprise at the end of the party.

What makes this even better is that you can use toilet paper rolls as confetti, so it's pretty easy to make.

17. Remember: You Can Never Go Wrong With American Flags


If all else fails, just buy lots and lots of flags and put them up pretty much anywhere and everywhere. If you're not the most creative, well, you can never go wrong with the old stars and stripes to really get into the spirit of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day decorations don't have to be limited to crafts and flags. Ann Le shows you how you can let the party food itself get in the spirit of the holiday:

With a few of these Memorial Day decorations up your sleeve, you can show off your patriotism and really get in the spirit of the holiday without spending a dime. Plus, if done correctly, you can even keep and reuse them on the Fourth of July!

Do you have other Memorial Day decorations you'd like to share? Tell us about them in the comments section below!


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