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How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet | DIY Crafts For Kids

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How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

The number of duct tape projects out there is pretty much endless. Here, we show you how to make an adorable duct tape wallet, but you can make clothes, tools, safety gear, handbags and more with duct tape. There’s even a story about a guy who repaired an entire plane with the stuff. As such, it’s not surprising that there are so many wonderful duct tape crafts for kids out there, and this dragon duct tape wallet is definitely one of them.

Legend has it that dragons guard huge caverns filled with gold. Seems like a pretty good way to keep valuables safe, if you ask me. Why not have some fearsome creature protect your lunch money too? Our dragon duct tape wallet will not only keep your money and cards safe, but it will look cute while doing it!

This craft for kids (or kids at heart) is perfect for a rainy day or birthday party activity. There is no wrong way to design a wallet dragon, whether you add glitter, googly eyes, or fabric to make your wallet even more magical looking. Make sure to have an adult on hand when using a razor and scissors…as well as if your dragon comes to life and decides to attack!

How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet

Make a monster money manager!

Supplies for this duct tape wallet project:

  • 3 spools of duct tape (solid, pattern, metallic – it’s up to you!) We used blue, yellow, and red
  • Scissors
  • Straight edge cutting blade
  • Permanent marker
  • Velcro
  • Paper cup
  • Self healing cutting mat (or a surface that you don’t mind getting cut up)
  • Straight edge ruler
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Supplies needed to create the perfect duct tape wallet creature!

Step 1: Make The Duct Tape “Fabric”

All good wallets need a strong foundation, and what’s stronger than duct tape? Not much. Lay out supplies on your cutting mat and lay the straight edge ruler horizontally over your work space. Rip a strip of your base color tape (we went with blue) and face the non-sticky side down on your mat.

We wont need the strips to be longer than 9 inches, but it’s better to go longer than shorter, so cut them all at an even foot to be safe.

Check out our post that shows you exactly how to make duct tape fabric and other cool duct tape stuff:

Duct Tape Projects 101: The Basics to Make Anything

Tear tape into 9 inch long strips with slack.

Step 2: Lap It Up

Take each strip and overlap it horizontally over the strip above it. Make the overlap about a ½ inch. Repeat till your fabric square is about 6 inches high.

Overlap tape strips until fabric is at least 6 inches.

Step 3: Repeat other side

Repeat this step again, this time sticky side of the duct tape facing down, thereby sandwiching your completed side. Just like you did the bottom layer, stagger the second layer of tape onto the first. This will help create a strong base for our duct tape wallet.

Create the front side of the fabric by repeating the same process, just sticky side facing downward.

Step 4: Fold Fabric Sides

Time to clean up! Fold the edges over to create neat seams for your wallet on the top and bottom of your tape fabric. Next, clip off the messy sides by lining up your ruler and using your straight edge blade. Measure 8-1/2 inches across, trimming your blue (or whatever color base) to a nice 8-1/2 x 6 rectangle.

Use razor to cut off ends of tape fabric. Fabric should measure 8 1/2 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Step 5: Create Base For Card Holders

We will be creating 3 card holders for this wallet, but if you want to add more, go for it! Rip off a tape strip of 10 inches in length or more. Place sticky side up on your cutting mat. Use a scrap of tape to hold strip in place. Sandwich another strip of tape directly on top so you have one 10-inch strip with all that sticky stuff tucked away.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_05 (1)_1
Use scrap tape to secure the bottom tape layer, it will make it easier to lay the second layer on top of it

Step 6: Cut Your Base

Once you have your base layer for your small cards, cut it into 4 inch long rectangles. The more of these you make, the more small pockets you will have.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_22 (1)_1
Lay another 9 inch long strip of tape directly over and cut at the 4 inch mark.
Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_33 (1)_1
Trim sides with razor and ruler, now you have two small card holder pockets!

Step 7: Clean Up Your Pockets

Take another strip of tape slightly longer than your small pocket pieces and fold it over the top of the 4 inch long rectangles to create a neat edge. Do this for all the pockets you wish to make.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_51 (1)_1
Create a neat top seam for both pockets by adding another strip of tape to one side (what will eventually be the top side) of each pocket.
Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_56 (1)_1
Fold over and repeat for the other pocket/s.

Step 8: Place and Set Small Card Pockets

Stagger pockets on top of each other. You can use your own I.D. Or card to make sure cards will fit once taped together. I’m using my Disneyland pass (I’m a premium pass owner, in case your where wondering).

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_65 (1)_1
Stack pockets on top of each other, make sure a card will fit by testing it out!

Cut a strip of tape in half and fold it onto the stacked card pockets, seaming down one side. I kept my card inside while doing this step, to make sure I left enough room for each card to fit into.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_77 (1)_1
Line up pockets and secure one edge of pockets with tape. Use your own card to measure fit.

Step 9: Assemble Main Wallet Compartment

Grab your original big duct tape rectangle (the blue one for us) and fold it in half lengthwise, hotdog style! This will create the bill fold for your wallet.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_04 (2)_1
Fold fabric in half to create bill fold.

Step 10: Add Small Pockets To Base

Now to seal it all down. Take your small pockets and seal them down on one corner. Use the tape you will be using for your teeth (I used yellow because I decided my dragon is a coffee drinker) and cut one strip in half. Fold over sides for a neat seam on the edge like you see below. If you want, you can also add another layer of blue tape on the left edge to keep the other side of the small pockets in place.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_19 (2)_1
Tape down sides of wallet with teeth color tape.
Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_21 (2)_1
Fold tape to secure.

Step 11: Adding Dragon Teeth Base

Let’s make this dragon fierce with some teeth. Place a strip of teeth colored tape (like my yellow ones below) with the stick side facing up. This tape only needs to be as wide as your wallet, so no need to measure as you can always cut off the excess. Put one edge of your wallet over this first piece of tape about a half-inch up from the edge as shown.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_34 (2)_1
Use scraps of tape to secure sticky side up facing tape. Line up wallet edge and tape together.

Then place another strip of your teeth tape right over the wallet as shown, sandwiching your two yellow (or whatever color) pieces together. You can also do this top the other side of the wallet if you want both ends to match.

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_36 (2)_1
Sandwhich another tape strip and wallet together.

Step 12: Cut Your Teeth! RAR!

Create teeth shape by making diagonal cuts with scissors. I made mine free hand, since dragons don’t have perfectly straight teeth, you know. Do this to both sides of your wallet so that when it is closed, the teeth line up!

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_46 (2)_1
Trim tape and cut triangle shapes for teeth.
Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_53 (2)_1

Step 13: Create Dragon Eyes

We need to add some poopin’ peepers to our dragon, so time to get out your paper cup. Cut out the small circle at the base of the paper cup, but don’t worry about being too perfect. I think uneven eyes give our wallet character. Cut the paper circle in half and cover with tape. I made our dragon eye with more yellow – so fierce!

Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_71 (2)_1
Cut out bottom of the cup and cut in half.
Kids_Tape_Wallet20140506_93 (2)_1
Cover both halves with tape, fold over edges.

Step 14: Draw Dragon Scales

Take a permanent marker and make a simple scale shape across the face and back of your wallet. Hey look at that, scale shapes are just a bunch of w’s. Or are those m’s? Or are they little butts? Whichever, I free handed this because uneven scales add visual interest and personality. Don’t forget to add some nose holes on the front of your wallet too!

Use marker to create scales on front and back of wallet.

Step 15: Add Dragon Eye Details

Take a strip of your blue tape and attache eyes from the back of the wallet, so it looks like our dragon’s eyes are peeking over. Fold this blue tape over and secure. Add another strip of tape, again from the backside of the wallet, cut off excess tape, only leaving a small outline that mirrors your eyeballs. Fold this over to create eyelids. Next, take your permanent marker and draw in some eyes, scarier the better.

Tape back of eyes and leave small outline of tape around eyes.
Fold tape over to create eyelids and draw in dragon eyes.

Step 16: Stick On Velcro To Wallet

Take out your Velcro and cut both sides (the hard plastic side and the soft side) together for symmetry. Remove tape and stick to inside the wallet on the edge of where the teeth begin.

Seal the deal- Add velcroe to secure duct tape wallet.

Your dragon is ready to store some cash! Make sure to feed him a greenbacks regularly or this dragon may get out of hand!

You did it! A fearsome dragon that will gladly guard your money.


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