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14 DIY Bandana Design Ideas

Exciting Bandana Design Ideas

14 DIY Bandana Design Projects, see more at

Tired of wearing your bandana in the same old style? Did you know there are bazillion ways to upcycle your bandana into something fab?? This list features some amazing DIY bandana design ideas and projects that are fun & easy!

Why not start it with having this Personalized Bandanna and Scarf Kit. It has a video tutorial that you can follow online plus a complete set to create your own bandanna.


1. Hand-dyed Bandana & Scarf Kit

Fashion in a jar! Rock a scarf or bandana of your own making with this do-it-yourself dye kit. More info here.


2. Pin Up Bandana Headband

Be fab & '50s with this pin up bandana headband. Check out the tutorial here.


3. Bandana Bib Tutorial

Your teething baby will be needing a bib. Why not handmake a bandana bib for little one? Find it here.


4. No Sew Bandana Bracelet


Super cool to wear, especially in summer or at the beach. Details here.


5. How to Make a Bandana Skirt | Bandana Clothing

Pretty skirt for our little princess. 😀 Follow the step by step tutorial here.


6. Bandana Apron

I wouldn't mind wearing an apron the whole day if this is what it looked like 🙂 See the details here.


7. Versatile Bandana Quilt | Bandana Design

Perfect for all occasions. Find how to make one here.


8. Bandana Necklace

9. Bandana Purse/Shoulder Bag


Burlap + bandana = awesomeness! Check out this lovely bag idea here.


10. Bandana Shorts

Comfortable shorts to wear during free time. Follow the step by step tutorial here


11. American Flag Bandana Wreath


Perfect for the 4th of July. Find the idea here.


12. Bandana Banner | Backyard Decor

This banner will never go out of style.


13. Bandana Pillow

Wants to spice up your throw pillows? Check this out.


14. Engagement Party Bandana Decor

Looking for unique, southern style wedding decor?  We've got you covered here.


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