• Rodney Dove


  • MB

    Caution: this works, but should ONLY be used under constant adult supervision.

    SERIOUS fire risk…. the jar should NOT be placed near curtains, or open windows, or anywhere containing flammable material.

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  • William

    I used to make oil lamps using a coiled wire, but the problem with them is you have to keep adjusting the height of the wick as the oil is consumed and the level drops. The solution? A FLOATING wick: Cut in half lengthways a cork from a wine or champagne bottle, make a hole through the center of it (with a sharply tapered knife and cutting board, or a drill), wrap a layer of aluminum foil around it (or cut a 3/4″ ring out of the side of an aluminum can), poke a hole through it, and insert a cotton wick, like a strand from a cotton mop, rope, or rag — or even a short length of tightly rolled toilet tissue or paper towel. Adjust wick to just less than a quarter inch high (5 mm) — higher and will smoke. Fill jar with vegetable oil (olive oil is best or even animal lard in a pinch, like the Eskimos), dip wick in oil, light, and float. Will burn for hours without adjustment.

  • William

    Also, I recommend using a SMALL jar, so it’s easily portable in bag or even a large pocket. I also prefer to not add any other ingredients. Essential oils don’t produce much fragrance, because they just burn up, so are wasted.

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