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  1. Caution: this works, but should ONLY be used under constant adult supervision.

    SERIOUS fire risk…. the jar should NOT be placed near curtains, or open windows, or anywhere containing flammable material.

  2. I used to make oil lamps using a coiled wire, but the problem with them is you have to keep adjusting the height of the wick as the oil is consumed and the level drops. The solution? A FLOATING wick: Cut in half lengthways a cork from a wine or champagne bottle, make a hole through the center of it (with a sharply tapered knife and cutting board, or a drill), wrap a layer of aluminum foil around it (or cut a 3/4″ ring out of the side of an aluminum can), poke a hole through it, and insert a cotton wick, like a strand from a cotton mop, rope, or rag — or even a short length of tightly rolled toilet tissue or paper towel. Adjust wick to just less than a quarter inch high (5 mm) — higher and will smoke. Fill jar with vegetable oil (olive oil is best or even animal lard in a pinch, like the Eskimos), dip wick in oil, light, and float. Will burn for hours without adjustment.

  3. Also, I recommend using a SMALL jar, so it’s easily portable in bag or even a large pocket. I also prefer to not add any other ingredients. Essential oils don’t produce much fragrance, because they just burn up, so are wasted.


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