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Healthy Watermelon, Cucumber & Berry Smoothie Recipe

Nothing is better when you’re trying to stay healthy than a crisp and delicious smoothie to satisfy your cravings! Check out this fantastic healthy watermelon, cucumber & berry smoothie recipe!


Enjoy This Healthy Watermelon, Cucumber & Berry Smoothie Recipe!

Despite the fact that you can use so many ingredients in smoothies, most people tend to stick to only one or two recipes. But this doesn’t need to be the case because there are tons of different recipes available!

You are only limited by your imagination as to what you can use in a smoothie. However, in order to make it healthy, it is generally recommended that you use mainly fruits and vegetables due to the fact that they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Generally speaking, you should use around one cup of fruits, one cup of vegetables and one cup of liquid. This will make a smoothie that can fill a large glass and will keep you feeling full for hours.

Healthy Watermelon, Cucumber & Berry Smoothie Recipe

The ingredients you will need for this watermelon, cucumber & berry smoothie recipe are:

1/3 cup of watermelon

Even though watermelon is associated with summer, it is available year-round in most places. Because of its sweetness you might think that it’s fattening, but a one third cup serving has only 15 calories. This is mainly due to the fact that watermelon is made up of more than 90% – you guessed it – water!

Watermelons contain a substance known as citrulline, with the largest concentrations being in the white rind. The great thing about watermelon is you can eat both the flesh and the rind. Citrulline promotes blood flow, which leads to improved circulation and cardiovascular health.

Studies have also shown that consuming watermelon can help to soothe muscle soreness, fight inflammation and promote digestion.

1/3 cup of frozen cantaloupe

In case you have never eaten cantaloupe before, it is a type of melon and tastes absolutely divine. Orange colored foods in general, such as carrots and sweet potatoes tend to be high in vitamin A. Cantaloupe is no different, a one cup serving will provide you with 120% of your daily requirement. Vitamin A helps to promote the health of your eyes, hair & skin.

Cantaloupe also has high amounts of vitamin C, a vitamin that most people know very well. It assists with wound healing, immune health and the absorption of iron from food. Both vitamin A & C are antioxidants, which means they fight off damage caused by free radicals in our bodies.

1/3 cup of cucumber

Another ingredient that has a high water content is cucumber, which makes this smoothie super hydrating. You don’t always have to drink water, you can eat it too, and cucumber is a great option.

Cucumber doesn’t contain large amounts of common vitamins & minerals, but it does have other nutrients that are important for your health. One of these is a flavonol called fisetin, which plays a role in protecting your brain. It has been shown to improve memory and defend nerve cells from age related decline.

It is a great vegetable to use in smoothies as its flavor won’t be too overpowering. In its place you can also use zucchini.

1/3 cup of frozen mixed berries

Berries are one of the most exciting ingredients to add to a smoothie. Their wonderful colors make beverages look vibrant and appealing. But they aren’t just great for looks; they also bring with them a plethora of health benefits.

The nutrient dense antioxidants in berries are known to boost heart health, and can lower blood pressure. This is why they are often considered to be superfoods.

The most common types of berries to use in smoothies are strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Freezing them before use ensures that smoothies are nice and thick when you drink them.

1/3 cup of spinach

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and Swiss chard are often recommended by nutritionists because of their dense nutrient profiles. Indeed, a cup of spinach provides you with almost double your daily requirement of vitamin K.

Studies have shown that consuming spinach helps to enhance exercise performance. In particular, it was found that participants who ate spinach were able to reduce the amount of oxygen required to power their muscles.

If you aren’t a fan of spinach, don’t worry. The flavors of the melons and berries will overpower it and you won’t even be able to tell that it’s in there.

1/3 of an avocado

Avocados are often mistaken as being vegetables, when in fact they are fruits. But they are quite different from most other fruits because they are mainly made up of fat. Fear not though, most of the fat is the good kind, also known as monounsaturated fat and is great for your body.

Avocados are a rich source of dietary fiber, which keeps your digestive system in tip top shape. Additionally the vitamin E they have protects your skin cells.

The creaminess of avocados improves the texture of smoothies, making them more viscous and milkshake like.

1 cup of coconut water

Lastly, you need a healthy liquid so that the smoothie is drinkable. There are a large number of options to choose from including ordinary milk, nut milks, fruit juices, vegetable juices and even just plain old water.

One liquid that is commonly used these days is coconut water because it is available pretty much everywhere, tastes heavenly and also contains electrolytes, magnesium and potassium. In fact, some athletes often opt for coconut water instead of traditional sports drinks.

Ideally you want to use fresh coconut water, but if you can’t get your hands on this, coconut water from a carton will do just fine.

Smoothie Recipe | Enjoy This Healthy Watermelon, Cucumber & Berry Smoothie Recipe!

You need a good blender in order to make this smoothie. If you don’t have one or are on the lookout for a new one, read these smoothie maker reviews.

To prepare this healthy watermelon, cucumber & berry smoothie recipe, pour the coconut water into the blender jug and then add in the rest of the ingredients. Process for roughly 30 seconds, pour into a glass and enjoy!


Did you enjoy our healthy watermelon, cucumber & berry smoothie recipe? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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