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Types of Fabric | How to Make Curtains

learn how to make curtains and give your home a makeover with this DIY tutorial

 How to Make Curtains | Home Makeover Tutorial

Lesson 5 – Types of Fabric For Home Decor

In the previous lesson you decided what color fabric will be best in your home. Now it’s time to decide what types of fabric to buy! Textiles vary in texture, shape and cost. As you look around at the types of fabric around you, you’ll realize there’s velvet, plush, linen, cotton, silk, polyester, and then there’s blends of everything in between. For beginners, I recommend working with a nice woven cotton. This is basically a linen, and very easy to work with while sewing. Ask your store clerk for help if you’re having trouble deciphering the fabrics, or if you want some one-on-one advice for choosing the best fabric for your home. Remember to keep window location, budget, pets, and desired end use in mind when choose your type of fabrics to buy.

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