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33 Easy Knitting Projects You Can DIY In This Cold Weather

Winter season should not stop you from doing some knitting projects. In fact, knitting is a perfect indoor activity you can do despite the bed weather.

For this season, you can forget about gardening, and getting dirty with your pots and flower beds, or other outdoor activities. This is the time wherein you can snuggle all day on your couch, and still be productive. I bet this is what most moms love to do when it's freezing outside, sipping coffee and knitting! This helps fight winter blues too. So, go and prepare your knitting needle and ball of yarn, and pick one or two knitting projects from the list below.

33 Knitting Projects You Can Make This Winter

This post was originally by Sewing and shared with permission

Winter is here. And unlike most mornings when I wake up early to prepare our breakfast and pack the kids' lunch boxes for school, I overslept a little bit. (Oops!) I made egg-in-bread to save time and kissed my family goodbye as they all headed out to work and school. When I glanced inside my usually-open-doored sewing room on my way back to the kitchen, something caught my eye. The half-finished Harry Potter inspired scarf I was meaning to give my son since last year was peeking out from my knitting basket. I shivered both from the thought of how long overdue it already was and from the cool breeze coming in from an open window. It was at that moment I knew I had to knit some more for winter (and finish the scarf of course), pronto!

Join me as we get ready for winter with these sweet and homey knitting projects. I got the knitting pattern links in the bag, it's part the list, so knit away!


1. Warm Blanket

Nothing says comfy-cozy more than a warm knitted blanket. You can arm knit this in as quick as 45 minutes! I think I'm making this today after I finish my scarf. 🙂


2. Bobble Sheep Pillow

Black and white pretty much complement any shade you pair them with. Be more comfortably snug in between these cleverly designed sheep pillows this winter. Knitting it with sheep's wool makes your sheep-like pillows feel like the real thing!


3. Heart Warmers

The heart knitting patterns of this pair of fingerless mittens and leg warmers are quite easy to accomplish. They are perfect for your cute daughters who are usually into hearts and fuzzies. Winter is the time to get lovey-dovey like it's Valentine's day. 😉



4. DIY Knit Pumpkins

Keep your palms warm by squeezing these knitted squash cuties together or simply making them into autumn decorations. Since winter comes right after fall, let these mini squash bring color and warmth to your homes.


5. Mary Jane Slippers

This knitted pair of mary jane slippers looks so adorably comfortable. Protect your feet from the freezing floor during winter and try banning noisy shoes from clanking around the house. How about knitting a pair for everyone in the family? I made these last year so believe me when I say it will bring you the gift of peace and quiet. Best gift ever!


Try making it as a gift too!

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I can't think of a better way to keep a mom occupied than doing some DIY project. Also, these 33 knitting projects will surely keep you warm and cozy this winter season. Let us know which one will you be knitting first from this list by leaving a comment down below.


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