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7 Homemade Crafts to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Love those spring feels? Bring it all indoors and embrace the season from the comfort of your living room with these homemade crafts.

Bring the outdoors in to your home with these craft ideas by DIY Projects at http:// 7-crafts-to-bring-the-outdoors-indoors/

Every tree and branch out in nature is unique, so using these elements in your home is sure to capture that natural beauty and character you often absent in premade items.

Every scratch or imperfection to the wood simply adds to its special one-of-a-kind quality. Indoor gardens on the other hand adds a fresh ambiance to any space. Make these these crafts and bring nature into your home.

7 Homemade Crafts to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

1. DIY Terrarium

Try this DIY Terrarium and feel close to nature. Tutorial here.

2. DIY Contempo-Nature Shelf

This looks great and adds a forest-y feel to your home. Click here for the how-to.

3. DIY Arc Floor Lamp


Why buy a pricey arc floor lamp stand when you can make your own out of a branch? Use a long and thin tree branch and go natural. Here's how.

4. Tree Branch Coffee Table

Here's an easy DIY that's both rustic and modern. Tutorial here.

5. Twig Art | Homemade Crafts

Scavenge for twigs, arrange them in a frame and voila! Instant homemade rustic decor.

6. Center Piece

Arrange some small branches in a vase and surround with rocks and pebbles to create a lovely dry gardenscape.

7. Reclaimed Wooden Blocks

It's fun to make and the kids can help, too! Here's how.

Feeling cozy yet?

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