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11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy & Homey Upgraded Look

Have you grown dreary of your fireplace? It’s the perfect time do some redecorating with these fireplace front ideas that will surely give your home a cozy and homey look!

11 Fireplace Front Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Our family likes to gather near the fireplace when it’s winter. The living room instantly becomes “the” room of the season since we’re all spending more time there. Last year, before winter came, I noticed that our fireplace design is a bit outdated. And then I realized, if we’re spending more time in the living room, I might as well look for fireplace front ideas to help me upgrade the look. Let me tell you this…it was one of the best projects I’ve done last month!

Today I have gathered beautiful fireplace front ideas that can inspire you to achieve the style you’re going for. Let’s go ahead and check them out.


1. Shiplap Fireplace

Check out 11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy & Homey Upgraded Look at

Now, this is my kind of fireplace! I’m always fond of shiplap wood. It’s too bad that I can’t recreate the entire design in our home. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop me from replacing our old mantle with this chunky reclaimed wood, which instantly added a rustic appeal in our fireplace.

2. All-Black Fireplace

If you have a modern style living room, you might want to consider an all-black fireplace front. It’s not a common preference, but I think it’s hip and will really go well with modern home interiors. Those black bricks look very sleek too!

3. French Marble Fireplace

Isn’t this beautiful? This French living room looks perfect with a white marble fireplace. If you want to recreate this look, make sure you install brass sconces as well as a big mirror that will blend with the white and brass theme.

4. Contemporary Fireplace

Check out 11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy & Homey Upgraded Look at

While I prefer sticking to the traditional fireplace, I completely get why people are switching to a modern fireplace front. For one, there’s no need for firewood at home and there’s no need to clean up after using the furnace. Design-wise, the key elements in a contemporary fireplace are glass and the rectangular-shaped wall, so keep that in mind.

5. Minimalist Fireplace

Check out 11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy & Homey Upgraded Look at

I know a lot of my friends will really like this one. As you can see, the fireplace front is simple and neat. There’s nothing much going on except the mounted flat screen TV which serves as the only fireplace decor there. But despite the lack of decor, the combination of the white marble and black firebrick box is a winner for minimalist-style lovers.

6. Cottage Style Fireplace

Going for a cottage-style fireplace front? The key to pulling this style off is going vintage. You can start by stripping the paint off the mantel to get a distressed look and then go for crumbling stone for the firebrick box. For the decor, opt for a mix of vintage and contemporary elements.

7. Vintage Fireplace

I really like this vintage fireplace front because it’s not the traditional vintage-style fireplace you always see. As a whole, there are several elements mixed together to achieve this welcoming look. The colorful carpet, the moldings, the vintage-designed mantel and the glass tiles all seem to work together beautifully. It’s a rare design but it’s an awesome inspiration nonetheless!

8. Wooden Fireplace

Check out 11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy & Homey Upgraded Look at

Let’s not forget the classic favorite–the wooden fireplace. It doesn’t get old, does it? Wood has a timeless appeal that we’ve all grown to love. It gives the home a warm and homey feeling. So if you need to update your wooden fireplace, this is a look you might want to recreate.

9. Old World Fireplace

This old world fireplace is a crossbreed between 16th and 17th-century European, Mediterranean, Renaissance, and Medieval styles. Despite the regal furnishing, the fireplace still gives off a warm and homey vibe. Quaint and graceful, this fireplace front design is for those who are feeling adventurous.

10. Classic Brick Fireplace

Check out 11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy & Homey Upgraded Look at

I’ve always been a fan of the classic brick fireplace because there’s this familiarity I feel whenever I see it. With this fireplace front inspiration, I like the combination of wood, brick and modern furniture. I was actually surprised to see that a brick fireplace can also look good with bright colors. Oh! And my favorite part is the herringbone firebrick box by the way!

11. Cottage Meets Modern Fireplace

This one is definitely one of my faves! This fireplace front has that charming cottage look and yet, the decorative elements are on the modern side. Plus, seeing a blue-and-white theme always makes my heart skip a beat!


Are you ready to take on a DIY challenge? Learn how to install stone on your fireplace from Our House in the video below:

Wasn’t that refreshing? I’m always fond of looking for home decor inspiration that I can use to update our home’s interiors. Anyway, I hope you found something you really like from these firefront place ideas. I know it’s tough to narrow down your choices given that all of the designs look beautiful. But, your choice will ultimately depend on how much work needs to be done, how big your budget is, and how modest or drastic you want the changes to be. Nonetheless, enjoy your fireplace front makeover!


Do you have other fireplace front ideas you want to share with me? I’d love to see your fireplace design inspirations in the comments below!

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