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15 Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Wanting to build a fire pit in your backyard that will fit your needs and budget? Warm up your outdoor space and create the adorable fire pit of your dream with these easy DIY fire pit ideas.

15 Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas

An outdoor fire pit creates a warm and inviting space. It brings family and friends together for some quality and relaxing time. Build your own fire pit and it surely keeps you warm from summer nights to winter. Check out our list of 15 easy DIY fire pit ideas to help you create your own welcoming spot.


1. DIY Back Yard Fire Pit

With a little hard work for your backyard fire pit, you could be roasting marshmallows tonight! Get the instructions here.

2. DIY Concrete Bowl Fire Pit

This fire pit version is portable but sturdy, and uses gel fuel, making it possible to have a quick grill session fire. Instructions here.

3. DIY Gas Fire Pit Table

Create an outdoor fire pit with heating solutions that are very easy to operate. Further instructions can be found here!

4. DIY Concrete Fire Feature

Reuse the metal bowl from your old fire pit to create a beautiful new fire feature. See more detailed instructions here.

5. Fire Pit Using Free Bricks and an Old Chiminea

Talking about an easy and inexpensive fire pit! Check it out here.



6. DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

The glass is what makes this fire pit so amazing.  See how you can make it here.

7. DIY Concrete Tree Rings Fire Pit

This is such an inexpensive and the most convenient outdoor fire pit idea to have up your sleeves. Make it with the detailed instructions here.

8. DIY Deep Fire Pit

Check here to see how you can create a wonderful fire pit step by step in a hassle-free and cost-effective way.

9. DIY Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fireplace

Make your own eco-friendly firepit, enjoy the warmth and the beauty of an outdoor fired guilt-free now. See how you can make it here.

10. DIY Fire Pit on a Budget

Build your own fire pit on a budget; get your supplies ready to make smores and brush up on your storytelling skills. Check here for full instructions.

11. DIY Upcycled Firepit

The small holes around the washing machine drum not only allow for oxygen flow to the fire but also make for a pretty light show. Further instructions can be found here!

12. DIY Stone Fire Pit

Create a warm and inviting area to hang out with this stone fire pit on your backyard patio. Detailed instructions can be found here!

13. DIY Fire Pit Kit with Grill

What a perfect place to toast your marshmallows or kabobs. See how you can make it here.

14. DIY Burning Bowl

This unique concrete burning bowl is the perfect go-to project to improve your backyard ambiance. Check here for full instructions. 

15. Stacked Stone DIY Fire Pit

Build the fire pit of your dream following the detailed instructions here.


Need more DIY fire pit ideas? Check this video from CrypticCRICKET and learn more how to create an easy and very quick firepit:

What’s your favorite fire pit idea? Let us know below in the comments! 

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