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4 Entryway Decor Ideas

Entryway Decor Ideas

Keep your entryway both organized and welcoming with these DIY entryway decor ideas. 

4 Entryway Decor Ideas

Entryway Decor Ideas

People usually use their entryways to drop off their possessions when they come home and pick them back when they go out. But the entryway is also the first place our guests see, so besides being well organized, the entryway should be clean, beautiful and welcoming too! We all know how important it is to make an excellent first impression, so we gladly offer you some easy and stylish entryway decor ideas to make your entryway space both tidy and functional.


Create an Entryway Console with a Shelf and Mirrors

Shelf With Mirrors | 4 Entryway Decor Ideas

To bring more light into your entryway, you can easily create a “window” with the help of mirrors. First, ground and paint your shelf the same shade as the walls to incorporate it immediately in the overall design of the area. Next, install it about 3 feet from the floor. Arrange the mirrors in a grid above the shelf and leave an inch between each of them to make them look like windowpanes. Use construction adhesive to fix the mirrors onto the wall and give your console a smooth appearance. Do not skip cleaning the mirrors if you want your guests and family to enjoy a radiant and bright entryway!

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Pebble-Filled Shoe Tray

DIY Shoe Bin | 4 Entryway Decor Ideas

Prevent guests and family members with dirty shoes from leaving tracks on your entryway floor by putting a shoe tray right next to the front door. You can also place a basket with several pairs of slippers to keep you floors clean without taking care of them every day. Fill the tray with small stones that you can purchase from almost any home and garden store. This will keep the shoes clean and dry, as the rocks create drainage for water, ice and mud. Water will go to the bottom of the tray and your boots will escape the puddle. Make sure you clean out the tray on a regular basis to avoid an unpleasant smell.

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Use Colorful Handles and Hooks to Hang Coats and Accessories

DIY Coat Hooks | 4 Entryway Decor Ideas

If your entryway is often cluttered with coats, umbrellas and bags, a smart storage solution is just what you need. Install some hooks on the inside part of your foyer closet door and hang your bags and scarves there. Another great idea to keep your children’s coats off the floor is to mount several groups of knobs at lower height on your closet’s external side. Buy or repurpose old drawer knobs and paint them in different colors — they'll look modern and fresh, while the rounded edges will be completely safe for your little angels.

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Make a Chalkboard Message Center

DIY Chalkboard | 4 Entryway Decor Ideas

Complete your entryway decor with a chalkboard. This unconventional accent will proof very useful — and the best part is that you can create it with very little efforts. Just apply some write-on paint on a framed panel and lean it on a shelf in your entryway. You and your kids will enjoy a beautiful and functional chalkboard you can write many messages on. Tip: You can offer treats to your children for cleaning the board once it is all covered with chalk!

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