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35 Easy Quilted Gift Ideas You Can Sew For Your Girl Friends

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Are you looking for quilted gift ideas to sew for you friends? Make them feel special by personally crafting them! Surprise your girl pals with these adorable and useful quilted gifts. All you need to do is choose from these 35 quilted gift ideas to show how you appreciate the sisterhood you’ve built together. Now, go ahead and use your quilting skills for the greater good of womankind! 😉

35 Simple Quilted Gift Ideas

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True friendships are hard to come by, but these quilted gift ideas sure ain’t! Make your friends feel special by making them these quilted gems. Surprise your girl pals with a quilt to complete their wish list!

Quilted gift ideas are easy to come by once you commit to it. I just came back from a quilting meeting with my sewer friends and one of them is throwing a party later this month. She’s known to be a giver and she hardly sews anything for herself! So on her birthday, we decided to each make her a quilted gift. Hence, I made a list of 35 quilted gift ideas and shared them with my friends, and now to you, my dearest crafters. Give it a quick run down and the first friend to pop in your mind is the ideal receiver of that gift. Set aside some time every day to quilt and you’ll surely complete these quilted gift ideas in a week or so.

Ready or not, here they are! Item number 11 is something to watch out for, too!


Quilted Gift Ideas #1: Chevron Ombre Tote

Give this chevron ombre tote to a friend whose fashion is more on the minimalist side. It exudes both creativity and simplicity with confidence. Making this quilted gift idea is as easy as working on a puzzle. You will surely enjoy putting it together and feel satisfied when you’re done!


Quilted Gift Ideas #2: Camera Case

Red, white, and black will blend with almost any color. Your snap-happy friend will surely love it! This quilt project will fit well any standard digital camera well. Use as many patches you would want, this quilted camera case will still look gorgeous.


Quilted Gift Ideas #3: Scrappy Make-Up Pouch

The only scrappy thing you can give away that I will never get thrown away is this scrappy makeup pouch! This is perfect for your friend who wants to narrow down her big makeup stash into just the handy essentials. Since it’s just the right size, her mascara, lipstick, and powder will all fit snugly inside.


Quilted Gift Ideas #4: Tiny Tinker Tote

I would so love to tinker with this cute tinker tote. It’s stylish and light, you can easily grab this during an emergency trip to the grocery store! It’s small enough to stash in your wallet, face powder, and lipstick. I’m sure your BFF will love taking this with her on her girl’s days out–it will match all her OOTDs!


Quilted Gift Ideas #5: Car Trash Bags

Keeping your car clean is one of the challenges that every woman has to face. Well, problem solved! The pattern of this car trash bag tutorial is so easy, you can quilt one for your girl friend (and yourself!) in no time. Just let it hang either at the back of the car seat for easy access. And don’t forget to double it with an actual garbage bag!



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I’m sure with these lovely options, there are quilted gifts for all of your gal pals. They are all very useful, too. From quilted bags, quilted accessories, wall decorations, and clothes, it’s all here. You can even pick items to quilt as a gift for yourself! So what are you waiting for? Start quilting now!

Have you tried making one? Share some pictures and leave some comments in the comment box below!

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