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The Easy Way to Deconstruct A Pallet

How To Deconstruct A Pallet The Easy Way:

Commonly, people use a crowbar to pry apart and deconstruct a pallet. We tried this method, but found the results less than satisfying. The wood splinters easily and breaks, and this method is very hard on your back.

The Easy Way to Deconstruct A Pallet
This is how you get nails out of a pallet the hard way

We recently found a much easier, faster way.

Watch and see how we deconstruct a pallet:

Materials needed to deconstruct a pallet:

  • safety goggles
  • ear plugs
  • gloves
  • pallet (in good shape)
  • reciprocal saw
  • thin metal saw blade
  • a helper


Step one:

The Easy Way to Deconstruct A Pallet

Always put on your protective gear (safety glasses, ear plugs, work gloves) before beginning of work.

Step two:

Take your reciprocal saw with your metal blade and begin cutting the nails between the layers of wood. Do this until all the nails are cut and all of your pieces are separated.

The Easy Way to Deconstruct A Pallet The Easy Way to Deconstruct A Pallet The Easy Way to Deconstruct A Pallet

Step three:

Start dreaming what you are going to be building with them.


Watch Our Video: How To Deconstruct A Pallet  –

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  1. The only problem I forsee with this method is that it leaves the nails in the wood, which will ruin your saw, also as the nails have been cut, it is even harder to remove them, an easier way is to use Izzy Swan’s Pallet Pal/Pryer, you can find this on YT, either make your own or buy his, it makes short work of dismantling pallets.

  2. I was hoping to see how to tell what chemicals were used on the pallets – the ones at work are shipped in from all over and are painted and I know some have chemicals shipped on them (to us) How are you removing the paint that is already on them and how do you figure out if whats been on the wood is safe to use for other stuff?

  3. So I tried this today, and broke or completely dulled 4 blades. Is there a particular type of blade/teeth per inch that you use that makes this easy?


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