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Duct Tape Projects 101: The Basics to Make Anything

How To Make Duct Tape Projects: Learn the Basics

There are four basic steps or patterns you need to learn to create creative projects out of duct tape. If you spend some time learning and practicing these, you will spend far less time with dealing with sticky errors and have far less scraps in the trash can.

The basics you will need to know to make anything from duct tape are:

  • The Duct Tape Sheet
  • The Duct Tape Strip
  • The Duct Tape Loop
  • The Duct Tape Pouch

Once you know how to make these, you should be able to follow almost any duct tape pattern or complete any duct tape project. You can design your own patterns on paper and then cut them out of duct tape, allowing you to really get creative with your duct tape projects.

Basic #1: The Fabric Duct Tape Sheet

This is what a duct tape sheet looks like. Learn how to make a duct tape sheet

Like a piece of paper that is used to create origami, a duct tape fabric sheet is used to form shapes and patterns with duct tape. Duct tape sheets can be purchased, at least in small sizes, but we prefer to make our own.

Start with a clean, non stick work area. I like to use a cutting mat that has a grid with measurements, so that I can lay out lots of pieces at once, and do not have to use my ruler as often.

To make a duct tape sheet:

1. Cut 8 strips of tape just longer than your pattern requires, or if you are just practicing, try using 8 inch pieces. This is the size for a basic wallet, perhaps you can later think of something original to make with

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

2. Lay a piece of tape on your work area with the sticky side facing up. (We will call this piece “A”)

3. Lay a second piece of tape (We’ll call this piece “B),  sticky side down , horizontally across piece “A”, overlapping it at halfway down.

4. Fold the exposed adhesive side of “A” over to cover half of piece B, with the non-sticky side up.

5. Now, you have made one sealed side of your fabric sheet. Pick the whole thing up and flip it over. You will now have one portion of sticky adhesive facing up.

6. Place a third piece of tape with it’s sticky side down to cover the sticky side up of piece B.

7. Again, you will pick up this piece, remove it, and flip it over.

8. Repeat this process until you have used all your pieces of tape.

9. When you get to the last piece, you fold the final stick edge back over on the rest, so that no adhesive remains exposed. There should now be no sticky edges, but can trim any small ones that remain. You will also need to trim the sheet to the size you need for your project.


Watch Our Video: How to Make Duct Tape Sheets –

Basic #2: How to Make a Duct Tape Strip

1. Take a piece of tape, whatever size your pattern requires, and fold it lengthwise. Be careful and also patient when smoothing the two sides together to avoid air bubbles, and also to assure proper alignment. Stretching the tape slightly as you work is a helpful to get smooth strips. If there is a bit of exposed adhesive when you are finished with your strip, you can use a ruler to trim it off.

This duct tape stocking project uses duct tape strips that are woven

Basic #3: How To Make a Duct Tape Loop

Loops can be big or small, whatever your pattern requires, or based on the width of a belt or strap you will be attaching your loop to.

1. Make a strip of about the approximate size you need. Connect the ends so that you end up with a loop, then seal the ends together with another piece of tape, both on the inside and the outside. A loop like this can be attached to whatever you are making and will allow a belt to pass through it. Make as many loops as you think you might need for your project.


Basic #4: Duct Tape Pockets and Pouches

Check out Duct Tape Projects 101: The Basics to Make Anything at

1. Cut  5 pieces of tape 7 inches long and make a fabric sheet (You can make your pockets any size you wish, but this is a standard size for a wallet)

2. Cut 5 more pieces of tape 7 inches long and make another fabric sheet.

3. Cut the two sheets you made in half so that you have four pieces that are 3 1/2 inches wide.

4. Fold two of these pieces so that there is a 1/8 inch space overlap at the top of each. Line the two folded pieces up so that one is on top of the other. Leave a 1/8 inch space between the two pieces.


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  1. Avatarmark martinez says

    April 23, 2014 at 10:24 am

    Pretty cool idea , and easy to make . You can also go to Good Will store or second hand shops and buy old leather purse’s or messenger bags and use the same pattern after you strip – breakdown the purse or bag and make a pretty good quality leather knife sheath or folding knife pouch or multi – tool pouch . You can use a leather punch to make the holes or a small sharp nail to pre-punch the holes to sew the pieces together .


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