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15 Enchanted DIY Teen Girl Room Ideas For Disney Fans

Need some DIY teen girl room ideas for your niece or daughter? If they love Disney and want to have some Disney inspired decorations around the bedroom, here are some room decor ideas you can try.

15 DIY Teen Girl Room Ideas For Disney Fans

Disney makes everything magical. I guess that’s why a lot of girls even teenagers fell in love with their movies and stories. I remember when my daughter was obsessed with everything Disney. From lamps to photo galleries, she just had to fill her room with whatever she could find and make. If you have a teenage daughter who’s looking for some bedroom decorating ideas that’s Disney-inspired, you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing you this magical list of DIY craft projects you can make to create a whimsical effect.


1. Disney Gallery Wall Silhouette

You’ll just need some frame, decorative paper and some Disney characters’ silhouettes to cut out. Then start creating your own gallery. Check it out here.


2. Alice in Wonderland Style Stacked Teacup Lamp

Fancy Alice? I’m sure you love the Mad Hatter’s tea party, make this DIY lamp inspired with it. Click here to read more.


3. Fairy Dust

image source

Keep some fairy dust handy when you need to fly, or so it goes. This will look great on a shelf. Just grab a mason jar and some glitters then label and decorate.


4. Balsa Wood Bedroom Door Sign

via 733

Show whose room it is with this cool Little Mermaid inspired door sign. Check the tutorial here.


5. Beauty and the Beast Floating Rose

via Paul Pape

Make your bedroom magical by adding Beast’s floating rose as your bedroom decor. Get the instructions here.


School’s out! Let’s revamp that room of hers.

— DIY Projects (@DIY Projects) June 7, 2016


6. Mouse Hole Outlet Cover

image source

This is such a cute inspiration for the bedroom. If you want to go nuts, have it all over the house.


7. Melted Crayon Disney Art

I’m sure you’ve seen those beautiful melted crayon art around Pinterest, add a Disney princess silhouette and you have yourself a Disney wall art.


8. Alice in Wonderland Inspired Chair

image source

Add more color to your bedroom with this revamped chair. Check it out here.


9. Princess Tiara Curtain Tie

Tie curtains in place with a plastic princess tiara. It’s so simple and pretty.


10. Life is the Bubbles Sea Shell Mirror

via 733

You’ll feel like a mermaid looking into this sea shell mirror. Get the tutorial here.


11. DIY Tangled Inspired Lanterns

image via Disney Style

Light up your daughter’s room with this Tangled-inspired lantern. They won’t be flying though. Watch the video here.


12. Disney Decorated Wooden Letters

image source

Decorate a plain wooden letter with Disney scrapbook paper. Find out how here.


13. DIY Talking Doorknob

It won’t talk but it makes such a great illusion. See how you can make it here.


14. Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier Tutorial

via 733

You don’t need to buy the real deal to make a capiz shell chandelier, you can try this DIY tutorial instead.


15. Easy Mickey Mirror

This is so easy I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it myself. All you need is one big mirror and two small ones and arrange it Mickey-style.


Want more Disney DIY room decor ideas? Get it here from JJustJJ:


Which of these DIY teen girl room ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!
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