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Which DIY Projects Will Really Save You Money?

Which DIY Projects Will Really Save You Money?

DIY has become a hugely popular trend, with many a Pinterest board dedicated to it. From pallet furniture to mason jar light fixtures, DIY projects have become a staple of many homes. DIY allows you to really be creative with how you decorate your home and make its interior truly unique. Nothing beats knowing that your living room is not just a replica of the IKEA showroom, closely resembling your neighbor’s (and half the country’s) living room.

Once upon a time, the idea behind DIY was to save money and this is something that is seemingly forgotten amongst all the hype. So, let’s reexamine which DIY trends will actually result in you spendong more, and which ones will help you save. Keep in mind that there’s more or less a DIY version of anything: Beautiful Rolex watches like these have a wide variety of gold straps and are perfect for offices and a night on the town. But for any kind of rough or extreme activity, a watch with a DIY paracord wristband is far better suited.

Sewing your own clothes

Let’s be clear, if you sew your own clothes because it is your hobby and it makes you happy, we’re in no way trying to discourage that. We’re simply looking at it from a purely financial perspective and trying to determine whether sewing your own clothes actually saves you money. The answer is no. Although often thought of us a money saving measure, becoming your own seamster or seamstress, while a relaxing and rewarding creative endeavor, will ultimately not save you money. Once you take into account the cost of the fabric, sewing equipment, any accessories like buttons or zips you might need and the pattern (unless you are a design genius), the cost of a homemade garment can easily exceed that of a high-street version. Of course, nothing will ever quite match the feeling of replying “I made it” if anyone asks “Where did you get that?”

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Apparently the average American woman spends $15,000 a year on beauty products. I would like to meet this woman and ask her what her trick is, because looking at the pretty lotions and potions that adorn my own bathroom shelves, I have a guilt-ridden feeling I may be far above that mark. Considering the rise of costly organic beauty products and the price tag attached to something like the Glamglow mud mask (which mainly consists of charcoal and clay), perhaps it is time to reconsider your approach to beauty. After all, there are plenty of great recipes for homemade skincare and it’s a great way to ensure that your products really are free of all those pesky chemicals. So, rather than dropping a hefty $69 on 1.2 oz. of mud, why not order your own clay, mix it with a bit of toner and voila!

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DIY Pallet Furniture

Probably the biggest DIY trend of recent years has been repurposing pallets and turning them into coffee tables, beds — or even walls! While certainly pleasing to the eye, is this trend actually financially clever? This one isn’t cut and dry, and it all depends on how you go about it. Many opt to buy their pallets online or in-store, rather than using pallets found on the street, as was the original concept behind the whole repurposed pallets idea. Then of course if you plan to paint your pallets, that’s another expense. Only very few pallet repurposing ideas really only require a set of wooden crates to look aesthetically pleasing, so you’ll need to invest in some accessories to tie the whole thing together. Of course a pallet sofa is the more affordable option compared to high-end version, but depending on which pallet idea you go with, the price of an IKEA sofa is easily achievable.

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