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17 Easy To Build DIY Platform Beds To Transform Your Home

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Upgrade your bedroom with one of these easy DIY platform beds! If you feel like you need a new focal point for your bedroom or just want to build a woodworking project over the weekend, try your hand at one of these DIY platform beds. Some of these DIY platform bed plans could be the DIY projects you’re looking for! You can also look at some of the mattresses that can go with your new beds!

DIY Platform Beds To Update Your Bed Frame


1. Two Toddler Beds For $75

Are your kids sick of children’s bunk beds and ready for their own room? This budget-friendly platform bed is the best reply to that! It’s one of the greatest DIY platform beds to build for your growing family!

2. Easy DIY Platform Bed

Looking for a rustic platform bed design for your queen size best innerspring mattress? Make it with this easy DIY platform bed plan. This rustic platform bed frame will complement any dark bedroom furniture. You can also build this DIY bed frame for any mattress size.

3. DIY Platform Bed With Storage And Baskets

Extra storage is always a great advantage especially when you can maximize the space of your bed. This DIY platform storage bed is what you need! Try putting nesting baskets under your bed to make your home feel like a cottage get-away.

4. DIY Cubby Queen Platform Bed (Thanks Ikea!)

If you love IKEA, then this is the perfect IKEA hack you’ve been waiting for. You’ll enjoy making this Ikea-inspired Expedit queen platform bed. You can also cover the plywood with any colored fabric you want!

5. DIY Platform Bed And Salvaged Door Headboard

If you have a spare door lying around, you can use it for your next DIY bed frame project. You’ll love the rustic look of this DIY platform bed and any ideas the include salvaging an old door into furniture is great too! It’s perfect for homes with a farmhouse vibe or a cottage-style interior.

6. Platform Bed With Storage

If you’re running out of storage at home, here’s another DIY platform storage bed you can build. This beautiful plan eliminates the need for storage baskets, yet has tons of space. This wood platform bed is also great for a single or queen size bed.

7. Twin Storage Bed

If you want a bed frame with more storage, find out more about this platform bed. Get the plans and start building this twin storage bed. This single size platform bed can keep everything organized in individual storage bins too!

8. DIY Platform Bed With Floating Nightstands

This may be the first DIY platform bed with floating dividers you’ll come across. Who doesn’t want a DIY furniture with double purpose? Those floating dividers make great nightstands! This platform bed would even become romantic on Valentine’s Day when decorated.

9. DIY Pallet Bed

Pallet wood is cheap and easy to find. So if you’re planning to build a platform bed on your own, make something amazing with pallet wood instead! You won’t even break a sweat with this simple DIY pallet platform bed idea!

10. Cute Girl Bed

Is your daughter persistently asking you to get her a new bed because she’s all grown up (or so she thinks)? A quick view of this cute platform bed may make her fall in love!

11. Floating Platform Bed

There’s a reason why you like platform beds and it’s probably the height or the illusion that your bed is floating. Well if this holds true for you, then this is the king-sized platform bed you’re looking for!

12. Storage And Platform Bed

One of the best platform bed frame plans are the ones with extra storage. There’s more to this storage platform bed that meets the eye. There’s practically a small storage room underneath the mattress, which is a brilliant way to pack things away while still maintaining a cool, minimalist vibe!

13. DIY Modern Platform Bed

After all of the rustic platform beds earlier, it’s time to take a look at this DIY modern platform bed for your queen size mattress. With a mid-century modern appeal, this will surely fit in any modern or contemporary-style bedroom.

14. DIY Platform Bed With Drawers

If you’re still looking for a lot more storage, build a platform bed with drawers! It’s a neater way to store your things and the final product has a sleeker and more polished look!

15. DIY Concrete Block Bedframe

A base of concrete blocks is perfect for an industrial-themed or minimalist room. More than that, what’s also minimal is the work needed to set this up. Slap a coat of paint on the blocks to match the color of your room.

16. Platform Bed On Wheels

This platform bed frame on wheels will make rearranging your bedroom easy. A DIY headboard with thick wooden base looks fixed, yet the hidden wheel makes it simple to move to any room in the house.

17. Bunk Bed Platform

This is another DIY platform bed for the kids your whole family will love. The plan provides extensive sleeping and storage space without the hassle of taking all the available space in the bedroom. The plan also has additional ideas for matching floating shelves.


Do you like IKEA’s Platform Bed? If so, this hack from Chris Heider will teach you how to make your own!

Do not spend on pricey platform beds because the truth is, you can make DIY platform beds on your own. With a plan, some woodworking, time, and effort, you’ll be able to finish a beautiful handmade platform bed before you know it! Plus, you’ll be sure of the quality and be able to customize it to suit your taste! You can even share these genuine DIY platform bed ideas to your loved ones! And here’s the bonus. you can find more home decor tips at Good luck in reinventing your home.

Which of these DIY platform beds will you make for your bedroom? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in January 30, 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.