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DIY Headboard Ideas to Build for Your Bed

Here are some DIY headboard ideas to suit your bedroom style! They look so exquisite, people might find it hard to believe when you say you did it yourself.

DIY Headboard Ideas For Your Dream Bed

Today, I’ve got 10 DIY headboard ideas for you to choose from. They’re in different styles, ranging from classy to rustic, quirky to ingenious. Once you know what design you’re into, you’ll be able to narrow down a look for your bedroom. Let’s get started!


1.Pallet Headboard

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A pallet headboard is one way to bring a rustic feel to a bedroom. If you love reading in bed right before you sleep, I suggest attaching a lamp to the headboard to ensure you have ample light.

2. Bed Canopy

Bring some elegance to your bedroom with the help of a bed canopy. All you need to get started are two curtain rods and a length of fabric of your choice.

3. Light Up Headboard

I’m a sucker for lighted fixtures so this is one of my most favorite DIY headboard ideas ever. The best part is, you can choose whichever word you want to put — you could even have your name on it!

4. Rope Design Headboard

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I bet it would look real neat if you used all the colors of the rainbow when recreating this rope design. Not a fan of too many colors? Don’t worry. Pick a color palette to your liking and simply choose a couple of your favorite shades.

5. Storage Headboard

If your bedside table is usually filled to the brim with all sorts of stuff, then this might be perfect for you. It was created by arranging oddball drawers to create a functional headboard. Now you’ll have a place to put all your bedtime essentials, like the two books on your current read list, an alarm clock, your phone, a tube of your favorite hand cream, and a glass of water in case you get thirsty.

6. Upholstered Headboard

Check out DIY Headboard Ideas to Build for Your Bed at

A visit to the hardware store can get you an upholstered headboard at a fraction of the cost. Just a heads up, you may need to use an electric drill, a staple gun, and a whole lot of staples for this DIY project.

7. A Quick Upgrade

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Already have a headboard in place? Don’t get rid of it just yet! Maybe all you’ll need is a quick little fix up. Try draping cloth over your current headboard and see if it will change your mood and bedroom aesthetic.

8. Patterned Headboard

Check out DIY Headboard Ideas to Build for Your Bed at

I’d recommend this for anyone who prefers plain bedsheets and pillows. The patterned headboard will help provide a nice contrast to the solid colors of the bed.

9. Reconstructed Room Divider

Who knew you could use a reconstructed room divider as a headboard? This could come in handy the next time you’re at a garage sale or flea market and you see a room divider being sold. Just a side note, please don’t forget to clean the items you buy thoroughly before using.

10. 3D Headboard

Personally, I’ve fallen in love with this DIY headboard idea. I’ve even told my husband to make this one of our upcoming DIY projects for spring. The secret to creating a 3D headboard is making sure the panels or boxes aren’t too far out to make sure they make the 3D effect. Try interchanging with an “in and out” pattern and see if it’s to your liking.


I’ve got one last trick for DIY headboard ideas. Press play on the video below.

In my opinion, a DIY headboard is a great way to save money and a way to let your creativity shine. After all, life’s too short to settle with the plain headboard your bed frame came with, right? Let your colorful personality take over and DIY your own headboard today!

Which DIY headboard idea will look great on your bed? Let us know by posting a comment below!

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Feature image via Vig Furniture

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