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12 Ridiculously Amazing Patina Projects

DIY Patina Projects | Faux Paint Decor How To

 DIY Patina Projects | Faux Paint Decor How To

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What is patina? Patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of stone; copper, bronze and similar metals (tarnish produced by oxidation or other chemical processes). 

If you’re anything like me, you love a good old fashioned “worn-in” feel to your home. Patina can do a number of wonderful things aesthetically. I dream of rusty old cars, vintage post cards and photographs, road trips to beach towns near Cape Cod, soaking in the summer sun, and creating things in my spare time. Do you find yourself dreaming about everything I’ve just mentioned? You’re probably a wanderlust and an old soul and there’s nothing wrong with that! You can turn virtually anything you want into a work of art by simply applying some patina and letting it dry. If nostalgia has got you hooked, then these are the projects for you. Sit back, take a seat, and let’s get…umm rusty?

12 Ridiculously Amazing Patina Projects

Here are my favorite DIY Patina Projects that are pretty simple! I’m sure you can find all sorts of patina’s at your local craft store (or Home Depot). Amazon has a great selection of Patina’s that you can nab! Best of luck and happy decaying!


1. Patina Watering Can

Lovely little patina coated watering can, don’t ya think?

via (pastelsandwhites)

2. DIY Patina Charms

Look at these! How simple and fun!

via (goodgriefgirdie)

3. DIY Anthropologie Inspired Patina Dresser

I’ve done this a few times and the results are incredible! Try it at home and see for yourself…


4. DIY Patina Cow’s Head Sculpture

via (A to Z Custom Creations)

It’s a faux brass cow. Enough said.

5. Vinegar and Salt Patina

via jewelrymakingjoournal

Learn how to make this lovely necklace with this useful patina tip to making your own patina effect!

6. Salvage An Old Bench Using Blue Patina

I love the idea of creating something new from things that on their last leg. Check out this awesome bench revamp!

(via suburble)

 7. Patina Deer Antlers

Hop on over to this amazing Etsy shop to get your own custom painted patina antlers! I just adore these to pieces.

(via Custom Antlers)

8.  DIY Faux Patina Plant Holder 

Spice up your flower pots this summer with this gorgeous faux painted patina craft project! Check out how it’s done below!

(via todayscreativeblog)


9.  How To Make A Rustic Patina Mirror

I’ve always wanted one of these. It reminds me of wandering around an old building that has since been forgotten. Love this idea!

(via kcfauxdesign)

10. DIY Patina Vase

Save money on artwork around your home by DIYing your own vase. Look how lovely the results are! All you need are a few different colored paints and patinas!

(via lovegrowswild)

11. Painted Patina Earrings

I am definitely going to attempt this when I have some free time. This tutorial is so straightforward! Give your old earrings a little love…

via (decoartblog)


12. DIY Patina Arm Cuff

(via jewelrymakingtutorial)

This is so awesome! When I came across it I didn’t think I’d actually find the full tutorial, but alas, I did! This is a great beginner jewelry-making project. The instructions are pretty simple.



Thanks for stopping by and checking out our awesome DIY patina projects. That’s all! Have some more craft projects that you’d like us to attempt? Leave your feedback in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Are you a patina making expert? Tell us about some more projects to add to our roundup! We appreciate your feedback.

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