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11 DIY Nail Polish Rack Ideas

These DIY nail polish rack ideas will keep you organized and will keep your finger nails fly. 

11 DIY Nail Polish Rack Ideas

Even divas need to stay organized!

I’m a nail art fanatic. I change my nail color and design almost as often as I change my  mind 😉

As my nail polish collection grew, I realized it was getting more and more difficult for me to find the colors I wanted. (Well, without having to dig through like a mountain of polish.) The solution: a DIY nail polish rack. Now my nail polish is displayed in a way that’s not just easily accessible, but SUPER cute!  It’s like functional 3D art.

Want to make your own DIY nail polish rack? Check out these awesome ideas:

DIY Nail Polish Rack Ideas

1. 10 Minutes, $10 Dollars and 1 DIY Nail Polish Rack

Learn how to make this easy DIY Nail Polish Rack here!


2. 3-tier Display Nail Polish Rack

I super love this idea! Check out the video on how you can organize your nail polish with this DIY.


3. DIY Nail Polish Display

Have A LOT of nail polish? Get the details here.


4. Nail Polish Shelf

A shelf that doubles as wall art. 🙂 See the details here.


5. Shabby Chic Frame Nail Polish Rack

Upcycle your frame into this super chic nail polish rack.


6. DIY Birchbox Nail Polish Rack

Recycle this lovely box for your growing nail polish collection. Click here and find out how.


7.  Foam Board DIY Nail Polish Rack

Details here.


8. Cardboard Box Nail Polish Rack

Upcycle a cardboard box into a nail polish rack and jewelry holder all in one!


9. Wood DIY Nail Polish Rack

Make your nail polish rack with the help of a wood working expert.


10. Nail Polish Shelves

This is just so perfect. See here how.


11. Rotating Nail Polish Rack

One cool way to display your nail polish. Just lovely.

Love our DIY nail rack ideas? Let us know in the comments below! We love getting feedback; it helps us improve the site and choose which topics to cover.

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