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5 DIY Life Hacks With Plastic Bottles

Looking for DIY life hacks with plastic bottles? Read on and find out how you can transform your old plastic bottles into something incredibly useful instead of tossing them in the bin.

Simple Plastic Bottles DIY Life Hacks You Need To Know

Plastic bottles are one of those everyday items most households do not put enough attention to. Apart from carrying water, these plastic bottles have way more uses, they’re a lot handier than you think. So, instead of getting rid of those old and empty containers, think outside the box, get creative, and reuse them. I used to throw them away but these 5 fascinatingly simple DIY life hacks have inspired me to make something useful out of plastic bottles.


DIY Life Hack #1: Salt & Pepper Shakers

Step 1. Cut Neck of The Bottle

For this DIY life hack, you need the cap and the bottle neck. Cut it carefully using a sharp blade. You need two pieces of these parts.

Step 2. Sand The Cut Area

Use a sandpaper and scrape the plastic off the edges of each cap to smooth out the surface.

Step 3. Put Holes on Cap

Poke a few holes on one cap using a blade with a sharp tip (we suggest an Exacto knife) and put glue on the edge of the cap.

Step 4. Glue Together

Glue the bottom of the two caps together, create another one, and you are set. Your salt and pepper shakers are done.


DIY Life Hack #2: Makeshift Egg Holder

Looking for something to keep your Easter eggs from rolling all over the table? This DIY life hack only needs a bottle cap. Grab any kind of plastic bottle cap, place the egg on it and you have a new egg holder.


DIY Life Hack #3: Makeshift Hologram

Step 1. Cutting Off The Plastic

Ever wondered how to make your own hologram? All you have to do is grab one plastic bottle, cut the top half and the cap off, and make a pyramid shape.

Step 2. Squeeze The Plastic Together

Squeeze the plastic together to form a cone shape and cut the edges down to smooth it out.

Step 3. Enjoy Watching Your New Hologram

Grab your phone and find a hologram video. Prop the plastic cut out on your phone as the video is playing. Gather around, turn the lights off, and get ready to be mesmerized by your first hologram ever.


DIY Life Hack #4: Mini Storage Container

Step 1. Cut Top Off Of The Plastic Bottle

To begin this DIY life hack, you will need one empty plastic bottle, a pair of scissors, a balloon, and a duct tape. Grab the plastic bottle and cut the top off but keep the cap attached.

Step 2. Cut The Balloon In Half

Cut the balloon in half and wrap it around the edge of the plastic. Secure the balloon and the plastic by wrapping the edge using a duct tape.

Step 3. Ready To Store Your Stuff

Now, turn the plastic right side up, open the lid, and your mini storage container is ready to be filled with your tiniest stuff!


DIY Life Hack #5: Green-hued Flashlight

Step 1. Cutting Off The Mouth Of The Bottle

This fun DIY life hack comes together in no time with the help of a green plastic bottle and hot glue. Start with cutting off the part of the plastic bottle where the lid screws on (mouth of the bottle). Then remove the cap.

Step 2. Smear Some Glue On

Spread some super glue around the edge of the mouth and place it over the flash area of your phone.

Reminder: Before gluing the cap on, put a phone case over your phone to avoid damaging the exterior.

Step 3. Turning On The Flashlight

Turn on the flashlight setting of your phone and turn off the lights. Viola! You’ll see the cap emitting a cool green light when you use the camera.

Note: Color of the light may vary depending on the color of the plastic bottle used.


Check out all these DIY life hacks in this video from Wearex for full instructions:

There you have it crafters, 5 brilliant plastic bottle recycling hacks! These DIY life hacks will surely save the day! My favorite is # 1, Salt & Pepper Shakers. And it’s also a perfect opportunity to get your kids involved in recycling. So, let’s start putting those empty plastic bottles to work again!

Which of these DIY life hacks will you try? Leave us a comment below!

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Feature image via KS Environmental

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