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10 DIY Koozies To Keep Your Drinks Nice and Cold On Labor Day

Want to know how to make DIY koozies to keep your drinks nice and cold? Check out these great ideas and learn how to make your own koozie. Whether you’re looking for your next sewing project or just want to make something quick and easy, I’ve got something for you. Have fun!

10 DIY Koozie Ideas

If you love to personalize things, making your own koozies is a must try and a must have. They keep your drinks nice and cold, and your hands condensation-free! Treat your guests to a tasty drink and serve it to them in style with a DIY’d koozie.


1. Photo Koozies

Check out 10 DIY Koozies To Keep Your Drinks Nice and Cold On Labor Day at

A perfect way to get your favorite photos off your phone and have them on display to be admired. See how it’s done here.

2. No Sew Koozies

You can keep this simple koozie handy and be always ready to a party. Check it out here.

3. Monogrammed Koozies

If you love colors and understand the fun in using them to decorate even the simple things, this is perfectly entertaining for you. See tutorial here.

4. Woodland Creature Koozies

Hosting a party? Then bring the fun and flair with this woodland creature koozies. See how it’s done here.

5. Football Jersey Koozies

Go Team! It’s football season again and this koozie is a simple display of affection for the love of your favorite team. See tutorial here.



6. Goofy Can Koozie

You can definitely customize your koozie just the way you like it. Check it out here.

7. Sock Koozies

A great alternative if you are running out of time or short of crafting skills (or both). See how it’s done here.

8. Fabric Koozies

This will work for any occasion, pick a fabric and put it together with Velcro to create a collection of funky holders.  See tutorial here.

9. Paracord Koozies

If you like it sturdy, the paracord is perfect material for your koozie.  See how it’s done here.

10. Insulated Koozies

This design is perfect for beginners and you can use any fabric you like. These koozies are very easy to customize! See tutorial here.


Got time for one more? Check out this video from Sewforless and have more ideas for making your personalized koozie:



Did you enjoy our list of DIY Koozies? Let us know in the comments section below!

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