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4 DIY Internet Hacks to Enhance Your Business

how to hack internet

Use these DIY internet hacks to put your business into the fast lane. You can learn how to  Break the digital marketing glass ceiling, and save money.

internet hacks | tips and tricks
internet hacks | tips and tricks

4 DIY Internet Hacks to Enhance Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of online business or have been successfully running your own e-shop for some time, it has never been more crucial to enhance your online presence. As the market grows more and more crowded, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep hold of your competitive edge, especially for smaller enterprises. To make sure your online business stands out and receives the attention it deserves, here are some useful – and easy – DIY internet hacks.

image via flickr
image via flickr

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 On-Trend Web Design

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Your company website is the virtual equivalent of your storefront, so naturally a lot of thought should go into the color scheme, fonts and images. The look and feel of your site should not only truly reflect your business, but also take into account the latest trends in web design. Minimalist homepages are very much the current look of choice, so try reducing text and adding a powerful, key graphic to create a modern feel. Mobiles and tablets will also continue to play a huge part in online shopping, so you may want to consider optimizing your site design – find out more here.

Domain Name

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Whilst the benefits of an impressive website and a solid marketing strategy are clear, the importance of a registered domain name is often overlooked. A domain name is actually crucial to building your brand, as it not only helps to push your business higher up in search results, but also enables you to keep hold of your website’s URL and the customers who visit it. More information as well as cheap domain registration for your business can be found through sites such as


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If you are considering selling your products or services online, or indeed already doing so, social media is undoubtedly a key part of your plan to win over new customers and make your business known. In addition to Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, a related blog is a great way to create a buzz around your products or services, set yourself apart as an industry expert and drive more visitors to your site. This may sound like a lot of extra work, but it can contain anything from news, company updates, discussions and offers, and also provides extra material to tweet about.

Customer Reviews

customer services reviews

Finally, having put so much time and effort into creating and selling beautiful products or providing great services, it’s important to let happy customers promote you – and what better place for them to put in a good word than on your own website? Testimonial Robot is a simple reviews widget that can be integrated into your site, enabling customers to provide a star rating as well as written feedback. The ‘approve or remove’ system also makes it easy to keep overly negative reviews out of the public eye – but be sure to bear these in mind when it comes to making changes and improvements.


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