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DIY Hacks On A Budget| Auto Headlight Mod For $10

Looking for an auto headlight modification that will fit your budget? Well, worry no more! We’re here to give you DIY hacks that you can use for your convenience. Read more to find out about it.

Hack your way to an auto headlight mod by just shedding $10 for it! Cheap DIY hacks like this are useful and can save you day in times of car trouble. Find out more about this awesome DIY projects. All you need is a 30 amp horn relay and your reliable tools, and the rest is on us.

DIY Hacks On A Budget| Auto Headlight Mod For $10

Cheap DIY hacks like this headlight modification can be done quickly –just spare an afternoon for this hack and you are sure to finish this right away. But before we begin this project, it is always an advantage if you know the basic maintenance of your car that can be done in a DIY manner. After all, we all want are cars to be running in top conditions. So on that note, check out the materials and tools you’ll need for this DIY hack followed by the steps below.


  • 30 Amp Horn Relay

*Have two relays for this DIY hack, one for the headlights and another for the pockets.


  • Trim Removal Tools
  • Screwdrivers
  • General Pliers
  • Side Cutters
  • Wire Strippers
  • Tape
  • Multimeter


1. Strip wire ends

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Strip the ends of the wire and clip on an appropriate terminal for your relay. It’s a good idea to use insulated terminals, or you can cover them.

2. Connect the wires to the relay

Check out DIY Hacks On A Budget| Auto Headlight Mod For $10 at

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Free Group T-Shirt

The 85 and 86 connect to the coil; 30 and 87 are what you will connect to the wire that you cut that goes down to the headlights.

3. Access your headlight circuit


There are a few places you can access your headlight circuit. The indicator portion usually has a plug inside the steering column surround which is a good place to start.

4. Probe the wires and plugs

Check out DIY Hacks On A Budget| Auto Headlight Mod For $10 at

Check the wiring diagram to know which wires are connected to your headlights.

5. Solder the wires

Check out DIY Hacks On A Budget| Auto Headlight Mod For $10 at

Strip back your relay wires and get ready to solder into the car’s wiring.

6. Find accessory power

To check it, turn the key on to accessory, find a wire that’s active and turn off to see if it goes away. When you know you have accessory power, you can attach that to one side of the relay.

7. Identify which wires are for the headlights

Put your multimeter on continuity, turn it on and feel the back of the plug. When you hear a beep, you know it’s switching them.

8. Connect your relays

Check out DIY Hacks On A Budget| Auto Headlight Mod For $10 at

The 85 and 86 would be for the accessory power and earth to energize the coil. Your headlight circuit should be on 30 and 87 to be switched on and off by the coil. Make sure you have connected everything correctly and reconnect the plug to test your setup.

9. Mount the relay.

Mount the relay securely and put your car back together.


Here is the full video tutorial of this cheap DIY hack from Mighty Car Mods:

This headlight modification is not only handy –in the event that you need to turn your headlights off when your car died but it also comes cheap and easy to do. So now you have an idea what to do in cases like this. Go to your garage and set this one up.

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