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15 Beautiful DIY Greenhouses | Extend Your Growing Season

Looking for the best DIY greenhouse to grow your veggies? Then, check out this list of 15 DIY greenhouses so that you can grow your veggies year round!

Greenhouses are just perfect to have for so many reasons. They can extend the growing season in cold temperatures and allow you to grow varieties of veggies that you may have trouble growing traditionally in your area.

I've searched and gathered some of the amazing DIY greenhouse tutorials from the compact to the spacious, so you'll have plenty to choose from.

15 Beautiful DIY Greenhouses

Grow Your Veggies Year Round With a DIY Greenhouse

In most parts of the country, having fresh veggies, fruits and flowers year round is simply unrealistic because of the changing seasons and cold climate. This is the part where the greenhouses come in. Greenhouses allow us to enjoy nature's bounty regardless of the season and weather outside.

A traditional greenhouse can be expensive and hard to build, but this doesn't need to be the case. There are already so many DIY greenhouses ideas that you can build that won't cost you an arm and leg.

Check out this list of 15 DIY greenhouses ideas and find some inspiration to build one in your backyard.

1. Cedar Branch Greenhouse to Protect Seedlings

If you have cedar branches available, you’re good to go. As cedar is a perfect alternative for PVC pipes and can last longer. In just 45 minutes, without spending hardly any money on materials you can now build a greenhouse to protect your seedlings. Learn how to create this greenhouse and allow your seedlings to flourish!

2. A $50 Greenhouse

Just think of what you can put inside your 165 square foot hoop greenhouse, because with just $50 dollars you can now build it! The possibilities are truly endless when you create this greenhouse. It is large enough to allow for veggie variety without taking up so much space that you wouldn't be able to build this in the suburbs. Check it out!

3. DIY Bottle Greenhouse

This might the easiest and quickest to make, but don't let the simplicity fool you, this is totally effective. By cutting off the bottom of the bottles and placing them over individual plants, you are able to create very effective and very small mini greenhouses! While this may seem like a bizarre and untraditional option, it can work wonders for someone who doesn't have the space for a full greenhouse.  Find the tutorial here.

4. Hay Bale Cold Frame

This can be a very simple solution to provide warmth and insulation to your plants if you have easy access to straw bales. If you live in a farm or in an area that doesn't overcharge for straw bales (don't get caught paying too much because stores can absolutely overcharge for these!) then this could be a great option for you. Straw bales hold in the warmth and act as walls that need no tools to build, just add a frame of some sort (you can build one from scrap wood or use old window frames.) Super simple and ingeniously clever! Click here to read more.

5. Cd Case Greenhouse

Alright, who has TONS of old CDs that you never listen to? I for one know exactly what it's like to see my CD collection slowly become obsolete with the introduction of all the new ways to acquire music these days. This DIY greenhouse is the perfect way to put these CD cases to use! Just slide out the cover art and depending on the size of your desired greenhouse (or the quantity of old CDs you have) you can make a custom greenhouse that's perfect for you! Creativity is the key to coming up with an inexpensive way to make this small space greenhouse.

6. Geodome Greenhouse

This could be portable or temporary, but totally elegant and unique. Not only does this greenhouse get the job done, but its unique design and aesthetic creates a very earthy and positive vibe in a back yard. It looks a little more complicated than some of the other greenhouses on this list, but don’t get intimated with the design. It’s not as hard to build as it looks and the payoff will be well worth it. Get the detailed tutorial here.



7. DIY Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

I can't tell you how much I like this greenhouse. It combines so many wonderful aspects of homesteading at its finest. With this design, you are literally recycling used materials that you and your family generate to build and create something to continue providing for your family. This greenhouse is a great family project to bond over, as well as ensure that everyone knows the importance of having a greenhouse and recycling.

8. Baby Box Greenhouse

Whether it is from previous projects or collected from various sources over time, every homestead has scrap wood. It could be from a home renovation or another homestead upgrade, but there is always extra material that you can use to create something new and beautiful. This greenhouse is simple yet a very beautiful greenhouse that is made from old windows. Check it out!

9. Retractable PVC Hoop House

This design can be a great option for anyone who lives in a place where the weather can be temperate and reliable throughout parts the year. This DIY greenhouse is designed to be flexible. PVC piping is used as the frame as well as a track of sorts that runs along the length of the planter on either side. The bent PVC pipes are attached to the clear plastic covering that acts like an accordion and has the functionality to open and close at the owners will.

10. Trampoline Greenhouse

Alright, get ready for some creative repurposing! Driving though the country, I can't tell you how many run down trampolines I see. I'm sure they were bought out of love for active children at one point or another, though often they are long past their heyday, forgotten about in a backyard. DIY Greenhouses are a splendid use of an old trampoline -no cutting of the steel required. You simply pull the frame pieces apart and there you have 2 halves of the frame. Read on to learn the steps for this greenhouse.

11. Barn Greenhouse

If you love to spend a lot of time in your garden, build this barn greenhouse and have the space you need to consistently tend to your plants no matter the time of year. These types of DIY Greenhouses are for the ambitious gardener that can dedicate plenty of time and effort to producing their yields. Learn all about the contruction and uses for this greenhouse!

12. Blue Greenhouse Made From Old Windows

If you happen to live on a fairly old homestead then chances are that you've had to do one or two window treatments or replacements in your time. And like any good homesteader, you probably kept the scraps because they'd “be good for something one day.” Am I right? Well that day is today! Applying a fresh coat of paint to some old wooden window frames can give you this functional greenhouse as a rustic statement piece for your backyard or garden area. A true beauty!

13. Easy Hoop Greenhouse

If you are looking to build a tried and true classically stable greenhouse then this Easy Hoop Greenhouse is for you. With plastic or metal, or even PVC pipes build your hoop structure. This will be the skeleton of this simple greenhouse. Then cover it with plastic for an inexpensive greenhouse. You can't go wrong with the simplicity or wonderful results this structure produces.

14. Raised Window Greenhouse

This raised window greenhouse is great for a snowy area to shelter plants year round. Not only does this design work for a series of specialized greenhouse cases, but it also provides charm and works as a wonderful yard decoration. Because of this, you can put it in the front or backyard to show your creative and innovative homesteading choices! Learn how to make this raised window greenhouse!

15. Mason Jar Greenhouse Magic

While this is similar to the DIY Bottle Greenhouse, the mason jars act on an even smaller scale. If you're hoping to root plants, it's essential to retain moisture and control the temperature. Mason jars give a quick solution for getting a greenhouse-like impact. Call it being clever! This way, even if you don't have much room (for example living in a small house or apartment) you can still create your own makeshift greenhouses!  Find out how it works here.

Still up for more ideas to build the best DIY Greenhouses?  Then check out this video from DonnieGiovanni

Which of these DIY greenhouses will you build to grow your veggies? Let us know in the comments below.

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