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No Flats! DIY Flat Tire Repair For Novices

Do you want to know how to repair a flat tire? Even if you are still new to owning a car, it’s important to know about flat tire repair and here we will show you how it’s done. Sometimes you just can’t tell if the universe is playing a trick on you. Who knows, you might accidentally run over some sharp objects that will cause a flat tire. When it does happen, be sure that you have knowledge about flat tire repair.

No Flats! DIY Flat Tire Repair For Novices

Tires, especially when it’s bald, are always susceptible to damage. Having the proper idea on how to repair flat tires is always advantageous particularly when you’re traveling long distances not to mention the absence of car repair shops. Here are the things you need to have for your convenience.

You will need: 

A tire plug repair kit

The kit usually contains:

  1. T-handle reamer
  2. Plugger tool
  3. Plugs
  4. Rubber cement / sealant

You can also buy these individually to make your own repair kit for flat tires.


1. Remove the tire from the vehicle

This way, you will have full access to the tire as you repair it.

2. Examine the tire

In order to know where the hole might be, thoroughly examine your tire to locate the hole caused by the sharp object.

3. Remove the foreign object from the tire  

Remove the foreign object that pierced the tire. In this case, it could be a nail or a bolt.

4. Enlarge the hole

Try to make the hole larger so that a tire plug can be inserted into it. Use the tool you can see together with the repair kit.

5. Insert the tire plug

Using a tool, insert the tire plug to the large hole to seal the tire. Be sure to coat it with the rubber cement compound, which also comes with the kit. Coat the hole as well to ease the insertion.

Quickly retract the tool used to insert the tire plug.

You can burn off the excess protruding parts of the tire plug. Don’t let it burn too long, though. This is just to get rid of excess tire plug.

As soon as you get back into driving, the excess part is just going to eventually be rubbed off.

Here is the full video tutorial  on flat tire repair from Piercedasian:

Proper car maintenance is not an option, it is a must. And when it comes to simple car troubleshooting, having some knowledge about it will make you go for more miles.

Click here for more DIY repair for your car. 

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  1. This method will separate the belts and ruin the tire.

    Not sure if it’s recommended for a short time until the tire can be removed from the rim and patched from the inside.

    The tire is then remounted and balanced.


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