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13 DIY Confetti Poppers! Make your NYE POP!

Make your New Year's eve pop with these fantastic DIY confetti poppers! These simple, yet fun and colorful confetti poppers ideas will help you end the year right and welcome the New Year fabulously!

DIY Confetti Popper To Ring In 2018 Fabulously

3…2…1….HAPPY NEW YEAR! You know the routine — and you know the special moment when the clock strikes 12 isn’t complete without confetti, noisemakers, and clinking glasses. Whenever New Year’s Eve is coming up, I always thought of what kind of crafts I can make to celebrate. And, this year, one of the things I want to do is confetti poppers! So check out these awesome DIY confetti poppers and get your celebration on!


1. Toilet Paper Tube DIY Confetti Poppers

Toilet Paper Tube DIY Confetti Poppers | DIY Confetti Poppers! Make Your NYE POP!
image via DIY Projects

Take an old toilet paper tube and turn it into a fun confetti popper. What a thrifty idea to celebrate the end of the year and to welcome the New Year. All you’ll need is a balloon, confetti, toilet paper roll, and tape! Add wrapping paper to make it extra festive.


2. Balloon Confetti Poppers

Balloon Confetti Poppers | DIY Confetti Poppers! Make Your NYE POP!
image via DIY Projects

Pressed for time? Try this fun last-minute DIY confetti popper. Fill each clear balloon with confetti using a funnel and inflate it. When midnight hits, pop all your balloons for a full-on confetti explosion.


3. DIY Confetti Stix

Turn your ordinary drinking straws into confetti shooters! This is definitely going to be at the top of my list for a cute party favor!


4. DIY Confetti Rockets

This NYE, why not take a trip to the moon? These adorable confetti poppers make perfect party favors. Your guests will surely leave with all the fun memories they had at your party.


5. DIY Confetti Cup

This DIY confetti cup is so easy and super fun to make! You can put sequins, starlets, or paper confetti in it. Making these colorful confetti poppers is surely going to be a hit with your party guests.


6. Sequin Confetti

For effortless, glamorous confetti, use sequins instead of paper. Clear push pop containers wrapped in washi tape in various colors and patterns and packed with loads of gold sequins make a bunch of beautiful confetti poppers.


7. Maven Box Crinkle

Great project for you and the kids. This maven box crinkle is just the perfect way to repurpose your old crinkle and add some charming dimension to your New Year celebration!



8. Money Surprise DIY Confetti Poppers

Money and confetti — a truly happy New Year’s Eve. Pick up some clear cake push-pops, fill them with confetti and some cash. Then close them up and you’re ready to pop!


9. DIY Confetti Cannon

If throwing confetti by hand bores you, then this DIY confetti cannon will give you the ultimate blast you've been looking for. This simple DIY will definitely bring your celebration to the next level.


10. Gold, Black, And White Confetti Poppers

We can't just simply get over with these beautiful poppers! These gold, black, and white confetti poppers are “oh so chic” must have for New Year's Eve party.


11. Confetti Cones

Confetti cones are just as great as confetti poppers, and they hold more confetti, making it even more whimsical. The other amazing thing – you can whip these up in no time at all!


12. Push-Pop Confetti

After you dazzle the world with beautiful confetti, use the push-pop containers to create a scrumptious push-pop dessert. Dual purpose is always a plus in this DIYer books.


13. Confetti Invitations

Surprise your guests with these confetti poppers invitations. I'm sure these adorable confetti invitations will take your confetti popping up a notch.


Want more DIY confetti poppers ideas? Watch this video from Bird’s Party and see how to make your own confetti from scratch and add a little glitz and shine to your NYE celebration:

There you have it, crafters! Your choice of 13 DIY confetti poppers ideas. With New Year’s Eve celebration just a few days away, you still have time to make a couple of these DIY Confetti poppers! They are sure to brighten everyone up at the party. So, happy crafting, and happy New Year!

Which of these DIY confetti poppers ideas will you be making for your NYE celebration? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on December 2016 updated for quality and relevancy. 


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