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16 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

16 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas, see more at:

Lately, I’ve been really into bird watching. I’m no pro and I don’t belong to the Audubon Society; I just love seeing birds flying, perched in trees, diligently making nests, etc.That’s why I decided to make a DIY bird feeder — to attract beautiful birds to my very own backyard.

I’m still experimenting with different DIY bird feeder designs because there are so many pretty ones. I started with the orange bird feeder (#1) because it’s so simple, but I’ve already started working on the glass bottle DIY bird feeder (#4). Wish me luck!

Here are those ideas and other amazing looking ones so you can try your hand at the one(s) that look the best to you!

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DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

1. Orange Bird Seed Feeder

Easy and cheap DIY bird feeder that you can use as tree ornaments, too. Details here.


2. Plastic Bottle DIY Bird Feeder

Upcycle plastic bottles into a DIY bird feeder. Get creative with the decorations!


3. No Bake Bird Feeder

Great DIY project for you and the kids. Tutorial here.


4. DIY Bird Feeder Made From a Glass Bottle

Use a wine bottle or glass bottle and create this gorgeous DIY bird feeder at home. Details here.


5. Tea Cup Candle Sconce DIY Bird Feeder

This is just lovely! Find the tutorial here.

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 6. LEGO Bird Feeder

How fun is this LEGO DIY bird feeder! Your kids are going to love this one… Check out the details here.


7. Flower Pot DIY Bird Feeder

Have some spare terracotta pots? Why not make one of them into a gorgeous DIY bird feeder? Tutorial here.


8. Gingerbread Bird Feeder

Decorate a gingerbread house with seeds and cereal. Birds will appreciate the feast!


9. Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

Repurpose an old bundt pan into a DIY bird feeder. The bigger the pan, the happier your birds will be 🙂


10. Mason Jar DIY Bird Feeder

A 3-minute project you will love! Click here for the tutorial.

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 11. Cheerios Bird Feeder

The easiest and the cutest bird feeder! Details here.


12. Bird Feeder Made From Plates

Modern bird feeder made from a plate. Tutorial here.


13. Dried Apple Bird Feeder

Birds will love this sweet treat. And it won’t cost you much. Get the DIY project details here.


14. Bread & Peanut Butter DIY Bird Feeder

Who said that birds can’t eat a peanut butter sandwich?! See the tutorial here.


15. Squash Wreath Simple DIY Bird Feeder

Use an acorn squash and make a wreath DIY bird feeder in no time. Tutorial here.


16. DIY Log Bird Feeder

If you are into wood working, why not try this DIY Log Bird Feeder?


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