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17 Amazingly Cheap Home Decor | DIY Crafts

Are you interested in decorating on a budget? If you want amazingly cheap home decor to add some stylish glamour to your home, this list will sure to help you out.

17 Amazingly Cheap Home Decor DIY Crafts

17 Amazingly Cheap Home Decor | DIY Crafts

If you’re on a budget but in need to decorate your home then check out this list of amazing inexpensive home decor that definitely won’t break the bank! Many of the ideas can be created by upcycling items. You probably already have the supplies needed or you can buy it very cheaply in your local dollar store. Hopefully, the ideas below will inspire your creativity and help you save some money. Have fun and enjoy!

1. Sequin TB Roll Sunburst Mirror

A fabulous sunburst mirror that displays a unique creativity of what you can do to simple stuff. Check it out here.


2. DIY Affordable Branch Pendant

For just a fraction of a cost for bulbs and cables and large branch from your backyard, you can have this branch pendant for display. View it here.


3. Create a Modern Dream Catcher

Got a space on your walls, add this modern dream catcher for a perfect decoration. Check it out here.

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4. DIY Party Animal Magnets

This will turn your reminders into a super cute display on your refrigerator. See it here.


5. Moroccan Candle Holders

With paint and glass jars, or mason jars create that colourful addition to any room. Check it out here.


6. Repurpose a Door into a Table

Turn an old door into a unique piece of furniture. See it here.


7. DIY Lighted Letter Sign

Add that funky look to your home! Check it out here.


8. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Sure to be very cheap but your wall will never be the same again. See it here.


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9. DIY Curtain Out of Paper

An ingenious idea of what you can do with papers. Check it out here.


10. Chevron Accent Wall

Love the strips, put it on your wall! See it here.


11. Earring Holder

Show off your earring collection with this functional artwork. Check it out here.

12. Hula Hoop Chandelier

An impressive piece of work to wow your guest! Check it out here.



13. Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl

A great project to make use of the extra fabric that has been lying around. See it here.

14. Rope as Curtain Ring

A cheap way to add that rustic feel to your windows. View it here.


15. Colored Glass Mason Jars

Add some flair to your mason jars by coloring it and it can definitely turn to be perfect vases, candle holders and a whole load of other things. Check it out here.


16. Decorative Chrysanthemum Mirror

With few supplies from your local craft store, you can create this decorative piece of art. View it here.

17. Wall Display with Colorful Plates

I never thought that plates would have another use! Check it out here.

Got time for a few more? Try making this DIY Inexpensive Home Décor from BellaMishella

So which DIY craft for home decor are you going to try? Let us know below in the comments!

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